why induction harden conveyor chain increased strength

Induction hardening is a type of heat treatment where the carbon steel part is heated by induction heating and then quenched.

This highly controllable method is consistently repeatable; resulting in a high quality conveyor chain.

With the compressed surface and increased depth of hardness of induction hardened parts, compared with standard case hardening, we increase the wear life and fatigue resistance of FB conveyor chain components. Conversely the core strength of the material is unaffected and remains soft and ductile which results in a chain with greater overall resistance to shock loads.

The induction hardening process enables us to selectively harden only the working areas of our conveyor chain pins and conveyor chain bushes, leaving their ends soft and ductile, which can be clearly seen in these pictures of the conveyor chain pin and bush. 

Having these softer areas is vitally important when it comes to pressing these round components into the side plates. Using this method we can increase the amount of press fit between the outer side plates and the pins and the inner side plates and the bushes. By doing so we significantly increase the strength of FB conveyor chain.

In addition when riveting our conveyor chain pins the amount of material displaced is far greater compared to that achieved with a fully case hardened pin. This gives us much higher push out values and again increases the strength of FB conveyor chain.