It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that our friend and colleague Amanda Ward passed away early this morning, Tuesday 13th of June.

Less than six months ago Amanda was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and despite the best efforts of the health service her health deteriorated very quickly.

Amanda started working for us in April 2005 and in subsequent years had a number of roles in our business. As we have grown she was always willing to take on something new. As a result of her wide understanding of many areas of the business she played an important role in the successful implementation of our new stock control and accounts software in 2015. Amanda had an encyclopaedic knowledge of customers parts and it was often quicker to ask her than search in the system for our equivalent part numbers. She was a strong customer advocate and was always pushing for them to receive the very best service.

Amanda was always the first – and last – on the dance floor at any company social event, always encouraging and sometimes dragging other team members with her. She was always willing to give something a go, joining in go-cart racing (when she had never driven) and a roof top drinks party 40 floors up on a narrow balcony – when she was frightened of heights.

I personally have known Amanda for more than 40 years. We have lost a dear friend and valued colleague and our thoughts are with her family, husband Brian, father Bernard, daughter Natalie, brother Darren and 3 grandchildren.

Peter Church
Managing Director