In his monthly blog, our managing director Peter Church reflects on some of the most important issues currently affecting our business, as well as the wider manufacturing world.

A 'quiet' year for FB Chain.There were a few raised eyebrows last week when I suggested that 2017 had been a quiet year for us.

MD Peter Church asks the question: Do your suppliers know where to hit it ?

MD Peter Church shares some good advice from a customer  “Draw strength and comfort from your memories”.

MD Peter Church asks the question: ‘Should we give customers what they want or only what they need?’

MD Peter Church reflects on what he’s learnt from FB Chain’s recent moving experience, and how others can avoid the potential headaches.

The end of the year is always a reflective time but with the recent completion of FB Chain’s new premises, MD Peter Church has been thinking about what has been achieved in the last few years.

In these uncertain times, MD Peter Church urges people to start celebrating UK business and open their eyes to its many success stories.

As Team GB returns from Brazil and the dust on the Summer Olympics begins to settle, our MD Peter Church reflects on what businesses can learn from the greatest athletes on earth.