PC chain design lube free olastic chainDue to the dimensions PC chain can be used on existing stainless steel or plastic sprockets for each of the BS/ANS specifications.

Whilst PC chain has a similar allowable load to stainless steel chain, due to the inner link being manufactured from engineering plastic, the chain is better suited to low impact, less stop/start applications.

When overloaded the plastic material will break rather than elongate unlike stainless steel chain.

When replacing stainless steel chain with PC chain it is therefore important to check the chain tension which should be less than the maximum allowable chain tension.

The inner link is a bush design and has no roller; hence the chain operates with sliding, rather than rolling friction.

The plastic content of PC chain is suitable for damp, wet conditions including wash down but is not suitable for long periods under water as the plastic material is porous and will take on water if exposed for long periods.

If the PC chain is exposed for long periods to ultra violet light, the plastic can become brittle and cause premature fracture


Temperature range: -10⁰C ~ 80⁰ C

Maximum chain speed: < 230ft/min

Coefficient of sliding friction between chain and guide rail is 0.25 (without lubrication)

BS sizes available: 06B-1 ~ 12B-1

ANSI sizes available: 25-1 ~ 60-1