plastic combination lube free roller chainThis is a totally lubrication free chain with corrosion protection properties. As no lubricant is required maintenance costs are greatly reduced.

The lube free chain is manufactured with stainless steel bearing pins which means it has the strength of normal stainless steel but is 50% lighter than standard carbon steel roller chain.

The bush design of the engineered plastic roller link ensures that in wash down applications conveyed product such as food residue is not trapped between the chain components which stops contamination.

One major advantage over all stainless steel chain is that due to the different friction coefficients between the bush and bearing pin the chain will not wear at start up as in the case of stainless steel where no lubricant exists between bearing surfaces.

FB Chain has specific variants of the chain available that are FDA approved ensuring they can be used in direct contact with food product.

PC chain is far quieter running than comparable carbon steel roller chain and can be run on existing sprocket designs due to the dimensions of the chain.

PC lube free chain is ideal for use in many applications, particularly food and bakery and in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, printing and textile industries.

Key features

  • Totally lube free.
  • Strength of stainless steel.
  • Light. It is 50% lighter than BS standard roller chain.
  • Quiet in operation.
  • Available in white/food grade blue.
  • Available as drive chain or with attachments.
  • FDA approved material.

Key benefits

  • Totally maintenance free.
  • Cleaner running.
  • Long wear life.
  • Can be used in food industry applications meeting European/FDA standards.
  • Corrosion resistant