Lube Free Roller Chain Products

We have provided lube free chain, plastic combination roller chain, sintered bush roller chain and sealed for life roller chain

  • Plastic combination roller chain

    Plastic Combination Roller Chain

      Lube free plastic combination roller chain also known as PC chain is totally lubrication free with corrosion protection properties. No lubricant is required so maintenance costs are greatly reduced and productivity and chain life increased.

  • Sintered bush roller chain

    Sintered Bush Roller Chain

      Widely known as lube free chain, sintered bush roller chain is actually a self lube chain or SLR chain.  It combines the key features of standard roller chain but requires no further lubrication once installed. It's oil-impregnated sintered bushing works in combination with a specially treated bearing pin.

  • Sealed for life roller chain

    Sealed for life Roller Chain

      Sealed for life roller chain is a maintenance free roller chain that is often called lube free. It is lubricated but the lubrication is sealed in. It is also referred to as O or X-ring chain and sealed for life chain as lubricant is contained by tiny O-rings positioned between each pin link and roller link plate.

  • Chain Wear Gauge

    Chain Wear Gauge

      The FB Professional Chain Wear Gauge is a precision tool for the accurate measurement of chain elongation (chain wear) in imperial pitch leaf chain, forklift chain and roller chain. It is widely used in the Thorough Examination of lifting equipment in the LOLER and PUWER regulations and allows service technicians to spot potential chain failure.