lube free chain food processing cleanlinessLube free chain is great in food processing environments where cleanliness is critical. Lube free chain is the ideal solution as it requires no lubricant and is corrosion resistant to many chemicals.

Food processing lines are laid out so that they facilitate efficient food manufacturing however access for cleaning and maintenance can often be challenging which makes lubricating and cleaning the chain very difficult . Lube free chain will solve this problem.

Roller chain working in food processing applications often operates in environments where the chain becomes contaminated by food particles in the air or by coming into direct contact with the food and must therefore be cleaned frequently. Lube free chain is ideal in these situations.

Roller chain that works in food processing environments regularly gets washed down, often with steam jet equipment and cleaning agents, consequently the roller chain will not only have been thoroughly cleaned but also completely degreased and require lubrication. Water and cleaning fluids can linger in the roller chain bush, roller and joint i.e. between the contact faces of the bore and the pin surface and this can lead to corrosion, stiffness and pitting. Due to the presence of water and no lubrication the roller chain will be liable to rapid and extreme corrosion leading to rapid roller chain elongation. Lube free chain is great in these environments.

Lubrication attracts debris onto the roller chain surface, especially if it is dry and dusty, which can then prevent any additional chain lubricant penetrating to the vital load bearing sections of the chain (between the articulating link plates and the chain pins, roller and bushes). The dust also mixes with the internal lubricant forming an abrasive paste resulting in accelerated wear of the bearing surfaces. 

Contamination of the final product from oil transfer or oil mist is unacceptable and lubrication on packaging gives a poor impression of a company’s product and may result in costly product recalls.

Lube free chain is without doubt a great option for the food processing industry as it avoids the problems often experienced with standard roller chain.

We have three options for maintenance free self-lubricating chain, often referred to as lube free chain, sintered bush roller chain (SLR chain), plastic combination roller chain (PC chain) and sealed for life roller chain.

The strength and durability of these lube free chains make them a good replacement for standard roller chain drives or conveyor chain wherever lubrication must be carried out frequently, is difficult or time-consuming and where product contamination with it’s resultant costly downtime and increased costs must be avoided.   

Our lube free chains have been used in many food processing applications including baked goods, grain, meat, fruit, vegetables and confectionary.

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