free chains for the pharmaceutical industryLube free chain is ideal to be used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry as there are a diverse range of products available where transmission components play a large part in the products produced.

Many machine designs are utilised in these industries from filling & bottling lines, production of aerosol cans for deodorant, toothpaste tube manufacture to diverse complex machinery producing high volume blister packaging for oral products used in the medical industry.

Standard chain drives are sometimes adopted for normal drive conditions but specific attachment chains are designed into the production machinery as a result of the original equipment manufacturer’s engineering concept. Many of these chains are used in clean room environments and require accurate indexing capabilities but contamination of the conveyed product must be avoided at all cost so the use of stainless steel and other materials can often be found in this industry.

Lube free chain is ideal for this industry as cleanliness is of primary importance and no lubrication is required.

The FB range of lube free plastic combination chains (PC) are approved for use in specific environments such as the food industry. Constructed with an engineered plastic inner link and stainless steel outer links and bearing pins, these chains have the same strength as stainless steel chain and require no lubrication.

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