roller chain maintenance free sawmill chainSawdust and woodchip combined with heavy loads and high speed make sawmills one of the most demanding roller chain applications.

Roller chain is used in sawmills and lumber yards and generally operates in an environment where there is a lot of loose material trying to force the roller chain components apart. Lubrication will attract this kind of debris causing a dramatically shortened working life and it is not uncommon to find sawmills and lumber yards that have made the decision not to lubricate many of their chain.

Where sawmills and lumber yards do make the decision to apply chain oils this lubricant remains on the exterior of the chain acting as a magnet to the dust in the environment preventing chain lubricant from penetrating and flowing to the vital load bearing sections of the chain (between the articulating link plates and the chain pins, roller and bushes). The tiny sawdust particles also mix with the internal lubricant forming an abrasive paste resulting in accelerated wear of the bearing surfaces.

Lube free chain is therefore without doubt a great option for the sawmill industry.

We have three options for maintenance free self-lubricating chains, often referred to as lube free chain. These are sintered bush roller chain (SLR chain), plastic combination roller chain (PC chain) and sealed for life roller chain.

The strength and durability of these lubefree chains makes them a good replacement for standard roller chain drives or conveyor chains wherever lubrication must be carried out frequently, is difficult or time-consuming and where product contamination with it’s resultant costly downtime and increased costs must be avoided.   

For more information about plastic combination roller chain (PC chain) constructed with an engineered plastic inner link and stainless steel bearing pins and outer plates which requires no lubrication during it working life, Plastic combination roller chain

For more information about sealed for life roller chain where lubrication is kept in place due to the seals between the plates which also keeps dirt out, Sealed for life roller chain

For more information about sintered bush roller chain (SLR chain), which is a self-lube chain with an oil-impregnated sintered bushing in combination with a specially treated pin, Sintered bush roller chain