lube free chain require no additional lubricationOur maintenance free chains are becoming increasingly popular in various industries and are ideally suited to many applications such as food and beverage and the pharmaceutical industry. 

These maintenance free, lube free chains require no additional lubrication and can be applied to various conditions from low to high speed operation, or from low load to high load operations. In addition, in dusty environments these chains have been known to last between 5~20 times longer than comparable initially lubricated roller chain.

  • Our maintenance-free, lube-free chains provide an instant maintenance cost saving as the chains require no external lubrication.
  • Any risk of contamination is avoided as the chains surface is dry.
  • Ideal for sanitary environments.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Wear is minimised as the chain bearing surface remains lubricated.
  • High wear life.
  • In the long term, lube free, maintenance free roller chain has been found to be cheaper to run due to the reduced maintenance costs and reduced downtime.

We have various maintenance free roller chains available that will suit your application.

Our sintered bush, plastic combination and sealed for life roller chains also referred to as maintenance free or lube free are available in many different pitch sizes.

Please telephone us on 01462 689837 and one of our chain experts will be happy to advise you on what is the best maintenance free chain for your application.