Why measure chain wear elongation safety chain wear toolIn regular use eventually some chain wear will occur and cause an increase in chain length. However, if a sudden increase in elongation occurs, look for severe wear on the tips of the sprocket teeth for indications of wear. Excessive elongation may be an indication that the chain and or sprockets have reached the end of their natural life and should be replaced. It is important that all lube free chain is regularly checked for wear.

Recommended replacement

Measure the chain for wear elongation and if it exceeds functional limits or is greater than 1.5% (0.36 inch per one foot), replace the entire chain.

Do not connect a new section of chain to a worn chain because it may run roughly and can damage the drive. Do not continue to run a chain beyond 3% elongation because the chain will not engage the sprocket teeth properly resulting in damage to chain, sprockets and possibly other machinery.

The FB chain gauge is the most accurate way to measure chain wear. For further information please click on the link below..