design considerations for sealed roller chainSealed roller chains offer outstanding strength and wear resistance performance even under the most severe conditions and are to ANSI specifications and available in larger sizes. 

Sizes available: BS from 08B to 16B pitch sizes & ANSI sizes 40~240

Operating Temperature: O ring: -10⁰C ~ +80⁰C

Operating temperature:  X ring: -10⁰C ~ +120⁰C


Typical industry applications: Packaging, printing, construction, cement, aggregate and glass production etc

  • Unlike sintered bush chains, sealed for life chains can be used in low to high speed and low load to high load applications.
  • Specific products are available with either O or X ring seals.
  • X ring seals can also have 2 x longer wear resistance performance compared to normal O ring chains.
  • If operating chains within guides check the overall chain width of the existing chain as the O/X ring chain might have a slightly longer bearing pin to allow for the the inclusion of the O/X rings in manufacture, thus making the chain slightly wider.