roller-chain-lubricant-contained-oringSealed roller chains are a maintenance free, lube free roller chain commonly known as O or X ring chain because lubricant is contained by tiny O rings positioned between each inner and outer link plate. Lubrication is kept in due to the seal between the plates and most importantly dirt can be kept away from the bearing surfaces of the chain. This type of lube free chain provides better wear life than standard types of roller chain including traditional self lube roller chain. Some larger chains are fitted with an X rather than an O ring, reducing the friction coefficient on start up. Both O and X ring chains are used extensively on motorbike final chain drive.


  • O ring creates seal between inner & outer link plates.
  • The seal prevents dust and dirt contamination of bearing area.
  • Available in BS from 08B to 16B pitch sizes.
  • Technology now available for large pitch chains sizes 140 ~240.


  • Totally maintenance free.
  • Seal prevents contamination and therefore accelerated wear of the chain.
  • Better performance in dusty applications compared to normal self lube chain.
  • X ring version has 50% lower friction compared to O ring chain plus greater sealing performance.
  • X ring has up to 2 times longer wear resistance performance compared to normal O ring.
  • On large sizes outstanding strength and wear resistance performance even under the most severe conditions.

These lube free chains have a multitude of industrial uses but are particularly useful in packaging and where airborn contamination exists such as tissue paper manufacture.

FB Chain are pioneers in the UK of this type of lube free chain and it is the reason why many of these chains are available in BS/DIN versions.