design considerations for sintered bush roller chainOil impregnated sintered bush roller chain is often referred to as self lube or lube free chain and is primarily designed for use in applications where lubrication is either difficult to apply or undesirable in the first place. Many applications have benefited from the use of these products from labelling, packaging products, the printing of newspapers and magazine supplements to the production of conveying equipment for food production such as chocolate.

FB sintered bush chains utilise rollers in their design, reducing friction via the rolling function creating a smooth action of the chain when in contact with the sprockets.

Contrary to what is often thought, sintered bush chain is not necessarily just a straightforward alternative replacement to normal roller chain as there are often a number of design aspects to consider.

  • Sintered bush chain speed range is lower than normal roller chain (from slow speed 25m/min to high speed 75m/min).
  • Whilst these chains can be used in dusty environments and are often an improvement on standard roller chain, dust entering the sintered steel bushings can result in premature wear compared to self lube chains used in non dusty environments.
  • Used in water, the chains wear quickly.
  • When ambient temperature is over 80⁰C, lubrication seeps out quickly.
  • Due to the use of sintered material an application associated with shock load is not appropriate.