sintered bush self lube roller chainSelf lube roller chain combines the key features of standard roller chain but requires absolutely no additional lubrication once installed. It is often referred to as lube free chain.

It’s oil-impregnated sintered bushing works in combination with a specially treated bearing pin, by releasing lubricant when and where it is needed.

As the roller chain does not have to be lubricated again, chain life is greatly extended compared to non or poorly lubricated roller chain.

Sprocket wear is also reduced and maintenance schedules extended.

With savings made on lubrication purchase, chain replacement rates as well as increased production, self lube chain is ideal for applications that are difficult to access or where conveyed product must not be contaminated as a result of excessive or dripping lubricant.

Self lube chains can be used in damp environments by applying a special surface treatment to the chain.

Self lube chain supplied by FB comes with a special surface treatment to the chain as standard from stock.