Chain gauge with tools

Our chain wear gauge is a “how much worn” chain wear gauge showing chain wear in ¼ percent increments from 0% worn to 4 % worn with a red warning box appearing at 2%.

It has been designed to be used on Imperial pitch leaf and roller chain.

Most chain gauges only tell you a chain is worn or not worn.

Using the FB chain wear gauge makes it easy to decide if a chain could be dangerously worn out before the next service, leading to the equipment being operated hazardously.

Issuing the same chain wear gauge to all your engineers also ensures a level of consistency across the whole service team.

The FB chain wear gauge enables you to track chain wear at each service and take any necessary action.

By measuring chain for wear, at regular intervals, it will become clear that the amount of increase in length can be predicted and chain can be routinely scheduled for replacement avoiding costly down time.

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