Who is FB Chain?

The FB Group is one of the oldest chain companies in the world. Our curiosity and enthusiasm for developing solutions together with customers have kept us in the chain market since 1908. So what is the secret to our longevity?

The answer is we are empowered to act and adapt. The FB Chain Group is unlike any other chain company in the world in that we are not one single company. Instead we are a collective of businesses working with industrial chain products in similar industries and markets. This decentralised approach means our entrepreneurial employees can take decisions quickly and respond to local market needs. Our approach is to focus on specific types of industrial chain supplied to key markets with the aim of being leaders in these various fields. This approach can be seen in our two UK operations.

FB Chain Blackburn

Our Blackburn site is focused on roller chain, conveyor chain, chain sprockets and the production of Rotalube chain lubricating systems.  We have the ability to weld chain attachments to conveyor chain and manufacturer-adapted roller chains with attachments and extended pins.    

Our origins in the Nordic region give us very strong product ranges of sharp top chain and conveyor chains both used in wood based industries like paper production and sawmilling. Our initial expansion outside the Nordics was based on these industries. Production of heavy duty welded pin and bush conveyor chains used in wood and paper milling transferred extremely well into chains used in the energy from waste (EFW), recycling and biomass industries.   

We regularly re-engineer chain systems to increase their performance. We can make small improvements to conveyor chains, sprockets and roller chains which maximize operating life. We know that improving overall chain efficiencies improve productivity and are often directly linked to lubrication. Our Rotalube chain lubricating system delivers chain lubricant in the right amount direct to the chain pin and chain bush where it is most needed to combat wear.

FB Chain Letchworth

In its advanced production facility in Letchworth Garden City, FB specialises in leaf chain used on forklift trucks and telehandlers.  The site manufactures leaf chain anchor bolts, leaf chain kits, chain anchor pins and chain pulleys.  

We are active member of the UK Material Handling Association (UKMHA) and our chain experts are regularly in attendance at the esteemed Technical Policy Committee. Our leaf chain Knowledge Hub is a source of technical information and application assistance for both equipment manufacturers and operators using leaf chain.  

Our detailed knowledge of leaf chain lead us to design the world’s only “how worn” Chain Wear Gauge tool that accurately measures leaf chain and roller chain wear indicating the percentage of elongation.

We have a dedicated site for leaf chain and the chain wear gauge – www.leafchain.com

Leaf chain and anchor bolts for forklift trucks and telehandlers being made by FB Chain in Letchworth.

Ultimately FB Chain wants to be more than a supplier of roller chains, conveyor chain and leaf chains to our customers. We strive to be a partner and add value to other businesses in whichever way we can.

We love a challenge, It brings out the best in us.

FB Group History

1870 – Adolf Hedengran established factory producing iron and steel products in Eskilstuna.

1896 – The factory was taken over by Eskilstuna Smidesprodukter AB, after which production focused on a range of bolts.

1908 – The company was purchased by the newly formed Eskilstuna Fabriks AB. Working under this name, it produced chains for the first time in 1912.

1912 – First chains produced in Eskilstuna Sweden.

1986 – Opened in the UK to support major British forklift manufacturer.

1990 – First major OEM customer buying leaf chain assemblies.

1992 – First ever corrosion protection leaf chain in world.

1995 – First ever how much worn leaf & roller chain gauge patent.

1995 – Started in-house manufacturing of leaf chain anchors.

2011/12 – Major investment in automated manufacturing Starts.

2013/14 – Introduced new MLC tooling for increased fatigue life on leaf chain.

2017 – Upgraded SuperShield leaf chain to 1000 hours of corrosion protection.

2017 – Relocated to a new purpose-built production facility.

2020 – Purchase of BKC in Blackburn to create conveyor and roller chain focused division

2021 –  Purchase of Rotalube system adding chain lubrication system to FB Group

2022 –  First ever how much worn fork gauge winning Safety Ancillary Product from UK Material Handling Association Ltd.

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