Attachment Chain

What is attachment chain?

Attachment chain is a speciality at FB Chain. International chain standard ISO 606 Short-pitch transmission precision roller and bush chains, includes K and M attachments, and extended pin attachments in section 4 it should be noted that there are a number of industrial chain manufacturers with alternative dimension for K and M chain attachments and the options for extended pin lengths and diameters is limitless.

Attachment chain for recycling FB Chain

K chain attachment can be fitted to the outer and inner links of a chain plates are angled and have a one or two holes. The chain can be fitted over to run external of the chain allowing for a wide variety components to be attached precisely. goods to be conveyed pushed or pulled at the same level pf the chain

Extended pins can we be fitted on both or single pitches of chain and can be provided with different pin diameters and special shapes, holes and groves. It is common and cost effective to use duplex and triplex pins. Pins from connecting links have groove spring clips which can be used to secure large rollers or other components which may be attached to the chain.

Attachment chain for cardboard tubes

M chain attachment that can be fitted to the outer and inner plates are vertical and have a one or two holes allowing for a wide variety components to be attached precisely. Goods to be conveyed, pushed or pulled being conveyor is above the chain.

There are a large variety of chain attachments and many industries have developed unique chain attachment types to overcome particular challenges in there market like gripper chain for film.

For Wood industry application like moulding and trimming there is wide range of toothed and serrated plates. In the board conveyance and grading plants, plastic and rubber topped chain attachments enable high speed operation with minimum damage to the products being processed. We also have a wide range of sharp top chain which are used in sawmills.

Attachment chain for biscuit production

For food industry application like bottling plants, dairies and confectionary for example, attachment chains are used. In low temperature refrigerated applications like fish processing and in high temperature ovens in the bakery industry. Close attention needs to be paid to assembly tolerances and lubrication.

Attachment chain in the packaging industry like bagging and foiling systems operate at a high speed retaining a high level of accuracy, The chains often need to be paired and matched to ensure synchronised operation. 

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