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Seven key innovators in the history of industrial chain

Written by Peter Church on 17 Mar 2021

7 key innovators in the history of industrial chain

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A brief history of chain: from Ancient Egypt to Jubilee Business Park

Written by Peter Church on 12 Feb 2021

Who invented industrial chain? Was it Hans Renold, André Galle, Leonardo da Vinci or perhaps even Imhotep? We look back over the key innovations that laid the foundations for today’s lifting and transmission chain.

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7 reasons to specify BL series leaf chain when designing new handling equipment

Written by Peter Church on 06 Jan 2021

When faced with a choice of AL, EL-LL or BL-LH series leaf chain, we almost always recommend handling equipment designers to specify BL series leaf chain due to its superior consistency, strength and availability.  

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What is the difference between leaf chain wear and chain stretch?

Written by Peter Church on 30 Nov 2020

Chain wear and chain stretch both increase the length of leaf chain but it is important to understand the difference and what you are actually measuring when carrying out inspections with a chain wear gauge.

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What to look for when comparing quality between leaf chain suppliers

Written by Peter Church on 17 Nov 2020

All leaf chain manufacturers will have their own ideas on the best combination of material, heat treatment and process for making good leaf chain but there are certain factors you can rely on to objectively compare quality.

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What type of nuts should I specify on leaf chain anchor bolts?

Written by Dan Hargraves on 04 Nov 2020

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to leaf chain anchor bolt nuts. The loads, vibrations and temperatures experienced during operation all impact performance – and some types of nuts are much more durable and easier to adjust than others. Here we break down some of the advantages and disadvantages of each type, depending on application.  

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Using the minimum safety factor in the Machinery Standards can be dangerous

Written by Peter Church on 17 Jun 2020

When designing lifting or handling equipment such as forklifts and telehandlers, most design engineers would look to comply with the specific standard for the machine they are designing.

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Why standards committees are important for chain manufacturers

Written by Peter Church on 12 Mar 2020

This week, I was very pleased to receive a pack from the British Standards Institute confirming that I am now a member of TC100 which represents the UK on standardisation in the field of power transmission chains, conveyor chains, chain wheels and leaf chain. There are 12 countries with active committees and these look after 15 different standards.

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Chain Wear Gauge FAQ – FB Chain professional

Written by Dan Hargraves on 10 Mar 2020

Why should I use a Chain Wear Gauge?

Leaf chain is deemed to be worn beyond its safe service life when the nominal pitch length has been extended by 2% to 3%. At this point, the fatigue life of the leaf chain is reduced and the ultimate breaking strength is considerably lower.

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Can you extend the life of leaf chain on a forklift by reversing ends?

Written by Peter Church on 03 Feb 2020

I am sometimes asked whether you can extend the life of a leaf chain fitted to a forklift, simply by swapping or reversing ends?

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