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Martin Green

Martin is our resident expert in the forklift repair market. After many years with us, Martin has an outstanding knowledge of FB Chain’s products and how they interact with each particular make and model of forklift truck to which they are fitted. His leaf chain expertise has saved forklift truck dealers and manufacturers huge amounts of money by ensuring they always specify the right type of chain for the task at hand.

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How a unique leaf chain tracking number saves you time and money

Written by Martin Green on 05 Dec 2019

Often in business it's the small details that make all the difference, details that save time and money and transform a difficult complex task into something easy.

When you need to replace a leaf chain on a vital piece of equipment like a telehander or forklift, you may almost certainly need it replaced quickly and with minimum disruption to production. You don’t want to waste time trying to identify which type of leaf chain you need, it’s length and other specifications.

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How to identify and replace leaf chain with plastic guides

Written by Martin Green on 05 Sep 2019

Some years ago, a number of forklift manufacturers started to factory-fit leaf chain with plastic guides. These guides were added to prevent wear on hydraulic cylinders or to control guide hoses which were routed through or near the mast of the forklift.

Leaf chain with plastic inserts is now available in a variety of pitch sizes and lengths and are found typically fitted to forklift trucks manufactured by Linde, Boss, Komatsu, Still, Toyota, Cesab, Hyundai and Jungheinrich.

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Change the way energy is generated and supplied

Written by Martin Green on 13 Jun 2017

FB Chain helps change the way energy is generated and supplied.

The Biomass and Waste to Energy industries are very important markets for FB chain’s conveyor chain products so when selecting which energy provider to use they wanted to show their support and play a part in changing the way that energy is generated, supplied and used as the UK moves to a low carbon future.

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Why apprentices are so important to FB Chain

Written by Martin Green on 25 Nov 2015

FB Chain employed its first apprentice in over 25 years in 2012. The initial aim was to take on one new apprentice every year, over the following three years. With a shortage of skilled technicians, FB considered it was the only way that it could ensure that it had the skilled workforce that was required.

Peter Church, managing director at FB Chain said: “Like many other manufacturing companies we have found that there is a real dearth of skilled workers in our industry. In an attempt to bridge that gap, rather than simply complain, we decided that we would do something about it and train the skilled workers we required ourselves.

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Some sprocket applications demand a special solution

Written by Martin Green on 07 Oct 2013

FB, the Letchworth based chain manufacturer provides solutions to common & complex sprocket problems. The organisation takes time to understand customer needs and translate ideas into workable solutions.

Whilst having over 100 years’ experience manufacturing conveyor chain, perhaps UK engineers are not so familiar with FB’s capability delivering high quality sprockets for special and complex solutions, particularly for DIN & SMS standard conveyor chain used within arduous industrial applications such as sawmills and recycling plants.

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Correct lubrication keeps operations smooth

Written by Martin Green on 03 Mar 2013

In and around harsh and corrosive port conditions a robust forklift chain lubrication and maintenance regime is essential if costly truck or container handler downtime is to be avoided, says Peter Church, managing director of FB Chain Ltd.

If the chain that powers the mast functions of the type of heavy forklift trucks and container handlers used within port and terminal environments develops a fault, the costs incurred can run into thousands of pounds.

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How to ensure your leaf chain is appropriate

Written by Martin Green on 24 Feb 2013

Leaf chain – used on the masts of forklift trucks –withstands the full load exerted on it via the forks and carriage arrangement and is a safety critical component.

But, with anecdotal evidence pointing to a big rise in sub-standard chain entering the market in recent years, how can you ensure that the chain on your forklift is appropriate?

We offer five tips to help lift truck users and dealers ensure they get the right product for the job.

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New apprentice for FB Chain

Written by Martin Green on 26 Nov 2012

Earlier this year, we launched a new apprenticeship programme to great success and have recently engaged our second technical apprentice. The new recruit, Daniel Woodgate of Hitchin (above, left), will join his brother James who started with us in March, on a basic engineering course at Bedford College.

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