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Peter has in-depth knowledge of leaf chain and its applications. His 25 years experience in supplying UK manufacturing companies has given a detailed understanding of customer needs, and this has shaped the way he has taken FB chain.

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Why our robots are such an important part of the FB Chain family

Written by Peter Church on 19 Dec 2018

As anyone within UK manufacturing is all too aware right now, finding (and keeping) skilled staff continues to be a pretty tough task.

And so much so, that here at FB Chain we've had some serious conversations about delaying our plans for growth of the business, simply because securing enough staff to be able to run more than one day shift was proving so problematic.

But while many manufacturers were opting to close down their UK production and send their work off-shore to lower-cost countries, we made the decision to keep things local, and stay competitive, by getting automated.

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6 factors to consider in leaf chain system design

Written by Peter Church on 17 Dec 2018

When designing a leaf chain system for safety-critical forms of materials handling equipment such as forklift trucks or telehandler booms, there are some essential design elements that will ensure there is no compromise in the functionality, compliance and longevity of the chain.

In this blog post we explore six features to consider in leaf chain system design:

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How to avoid supply chain disruption this Lunar New Year

Written by Peter Church on 14 Dec 2018

Lunar New Year - also known as Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival - is a treasured and highly anticipated event that is celebrated by close to 1.5 billion people around the world.

As China and its Asian neighbours eagerly await the impending 2019 Lunar New Year festivities (due to begin on February 5th), industrial chain manufacturers across the globe will once again be bracing themselves for the inevitable logistical and supply chain challenges presented by this popular annual holiday.  

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What to look for when conducting a leaf chain inspection

Written by Peter Church on 10 Dec 2018

Regular leaf chain inspection, in combination with an ongoing maintenance programme, will play a crucial role in improving safety and enhancing the service life of your materials handling equipment.

In this blog post we summarise some of the key signs to look for when evaluating the condition of your leaf chain and its component parts.

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What is the best chain wear tool for materials handling equipment?

Written by Peter Church on 19 Nov 2018

Tracking chain wear is a vital element of any chain inspection or service of materials handling equipment. 

In most cases, leaf chain failure is a gradual process in which the chain elongates as it wears. And the accumulative effect of chain wear is a marked increase in the actual pitch of the chain.

Once your leaf chain has reached, or exceeded, the recommended limit of extension then it's time to take action.

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What is the most efficient method for cleaning industrial chains?

Written by Peter Church on 12 Nov 2018

When materials handling equipment such as forklifts or telehandlers are operating in especially arduous or aggressive environments, any leaf chain and its component parts can be subject to a significant amount of contamination from sand, grit or harsh industrial atmospheres.

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What is the impact of environment on leaf chain wear life?

Written by Peter Church on 05 Nov 2018

The environments in which leaf chain mechanisms operate can differ widely. And the harsher the environmental conditions, the greater the impact will be on the safety, efficiency and longevity of the chain.

Chain that is used in forklift trucks, for example, can often be compromised by the effects of outdoor moisture, highly corrosive atmospheres or abrasion from sand or grit.

In this blog post we explore the primary environmental factors that can affect leaf chain wear-life and the importance of regular leaf chain inspection in ensuring the optimum performance of your materials handling equipment.

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Why does some leaf chain measure under pitch?

Written by Peter Church on 19 Sep 2018

All leaf chains are manufactured to International Standard ISO 4347:2015, which allows for ‘LL’ (EL) series leaf chains to be produced from link plates that can also be used to construct short pitch transmission roller chain.

Whether the actual pitch of the leaf chain is the same as its nominal pitch, however, depends on the manufacturer.

In this blog post we explain how to allow for the discrepancy between the nominal and actual pitch of leaf chain - and the alternatives that can solve the problem altogether.

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What to look for in a leaf chain safety test certificate

Written by Peter Church on 18 Sep 2018

All replacement forklift truck chains should be supplied with a chain test certificate that provides crucial information about the chain’s minimum breaking load and proof load.

But while the majority of forklift manufacturers and maintenance firms place a lot of importance on receiving these test certificates, the reality is that many will file them away without looking at them.

In this blog post, we describe the benefits of taking a closer look - and the key elements to look out for in your leaf chain test certificate.

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How to decode the leaf chain part number system

Written by Peter Church on 04 Sep 2018

Leaf chain part numbers are not arbitrary things.

The different combinations of letters and numbers that make up a leaf chain part number provide you with vital information about the type of chain, its pitch and its lacing.

This blog post provides an explanation of these three key elements to enable you to quickly and accurately select the correct chain for your materials handling application.

Once you know what to look for, you'll see how easy it is to decode any leaf chain part number in an instant.

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A guide to leaf chain for telehandlers200x270v2

A guide to leaf chain for telehandlers

This eBook explores the features of leaf chain, the process of leaf chain product selection and how assembly kits can enhance telehandler mast design.