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Written by Pamela Peacock on 14 Feb 2019

Caldaro is a leading OEM supplier of customer-adapted control components, with more than eighty years experience supplying joysticks, pedals, sensors, handles and operator interface related products to major industrial customers.  

In this blog post we gain some insights from Caldaro's Managing Director, Claudio Talamo, as he reveals what he believes makes the company the premium choice of HMI component supply for OEM market leaders.

Providing the link between man and machine

Caldaro-addtech-claudio-talamo"When you are the leading OEM in your segment, a standard joystick, pedal or sensor that’s the same as everyone else’s just isn’t good enough.

These components are the link between man and machine so have got to be better than what the competition is using – whether that’s in regard to quality, safety or ergonomics.

At Caldaro, our customers don’t come to us for an off-the-shelf product. They have specific needs or want a unique – and in some cases exclusive – product with special features.

Based on a big range of building blocks and a modular product design, we can meet most requirements. In some cases, the customer needs something unique to match a specific design language or to have special features, and in these cases, we can offer a completely tailored product for them.

With more than 30 years of experience from developing products, we know what it takes to run development projects efficiently and successfully.

And the tougher the requirements, the better. We love a difficult specification because that drives us to the cutting edge of design and technology. We are proud to be at that forefront as the experts in customisation.

Together with our customers, we challenge our ‘safety thinking’ – to build safety features into our products. You can’t have steering out of control, for example, so we include extra sensors in joysticks.

This way the on board system can detect a sensor failure and distinguish it from an actual movement. Our customers tell us which functions are safety critical and we take up the gauntlet.

We’re also constantly working on the ergonomics. Designers of big, heavy-duty machines often like to have a large joystick with high activation forces but we’ve recently been working with a major OEM who wanted to take the small fingertip-movement joysticks we usually supply for forestry equipment and apply them to their huge mining trucks – a bold decision!

Whether large or small, however, operators should be able to change their grip based on what they want to do with the joystick. For the end user, a well-designed joystick means greater precision and efficiency, less operator fatigue and increased productivity.

Electronic revolution

Of course, it’s not only the ergonomics and mechanical design that allow fine movements. All our joysticks and pedals are electronic, which means they are more responsive than their traditional hydraulic counterparts. They also allow for a more spacious and streamlined cab environment since there are no hoses. The future is definitely electronic.

Along with bespoke designs, we support our customers by delivering on short lead times. Lead times are moving ever higher on customers’ list of priorities and we have a proven track-record of reliability. We do all our design in-house and then outsource production, which gives us great flexibility increasing or decreasing our capacity as necessary. All we need to do is add more labour.

And it’s a recipe that’s led us to international success. The Nordics remain our home market but we now sell our products in more than 40 countries around the globe. We have opened a subsidiary in the USA and work with a network of trusted distributors in Asia.

So whenever you need a joystick, pedal or sensor that’s something special – something more complex or sophisticated than you can get elsewhere – you know you can rely on Caldaro, wherever you are in the world."

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