The growing demand for electric drive systems in industrial vehicles

Written by Pamela Peacock on 11 Feb 2019

As electric cars and buses become commonplace on our roads, industrial vehicles manufacturers are also looking to offer their customers – and society at large – the same benefits of clean and quiet operation.

In this blog post, Adigo Managing Director Peter Mayer, explains how the company collaborates with its OEM customers’ R&D teams right from the start to design and supply optimum electric motors, drives and transmission, including the throttle and pedals.

Adigo-peter-mayer-Addtech-GroupDeveloping electromobility solutions

"At Adigo, we have seen a huge increase in demand over the last few years for electric drive systems and are now working with a number of OEMs – in the construction, mining, agriculture and materials handling sectors – to develop solutions especially for their needs.

Electromobility is a new area for many of these manufacturers, who have spent decades building up their expertise in traditional combustion engines and drive-lines and now need to adapt to changing market forces.

Partnering with us, and drawing on our many years of electric motor and systems experience, immediately gives them a competitive advantage. We’ve been supplying these systems since the 1970s and designing our own since the mid-90s.

Utilising efficient battery technology

We aim to get involved in customers’ R&D processes as early as we can, to share our knowledge and ensure the right system for the job. Speed, acceleration and efficiency targets all have to be balanced with space, weight and cost considerations. Ability to withstand vibrations and protection from dust and water also have to be taken into account.

If the system is battery powered, for example, it has to be as efficient as possible, since batteries take up space, add weight and can be very expensive. On such projects, we can also bring in our Addtech sister company Celltech, which specialises in battery technology, to further optimise the overall power solution.

Reliable supply

Like Adigo, Celltech is good at adapting its designs in line with customer needs for low-volume production and is a robust and reliable supplier. Together, Adigo and Celltech can deliver a stable long-term solution for customers.

Naturally, the majority of our industrial OEM customers like to keep their latest hybrid and electric machine projects tightly under wraps. But we can talk about our collaboration with CAKE on the Kalk off-road electric motorbike.

It features a 7-15kW mid motor to reach top speeds of 75km/h (45mph) and a 51.8V, 50Ah battery with a range of 80km (50 miles) or 2-3 hours of free riding. The whole bike weighs in at less than 70kg.

Although for an entirely different application, our contribution to the CAKE Kalk exemplifies our ability to meet tough performance, efficiency, weight and environmental demands on a project.

Whatever your electric drive system challenges, we have the experience and innovative spirit not only to help specify a successful electric drive system but also to provide cost-effective and reliable supply in the long term."

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