Help your conveyor chain lose weight this January!

Written by Darran Green on 02 Jan 2019

We seem to start every year trying to get ourselves into shape, get fit and lose weight for the New Year.

Here at FB Chain, we may not be able to help you shift the effects of your festive excesses - but we can definitely help your conveyor system feel a whole lot better.

In this blog post, we offer three tips to help you slim-down your conveyor chain and boost your efficiency in 2019.

1. Change to a welded pin and bush chain

welded-pin-and-bushChanging your chain to a welded pin and bush chain will provide you with increased load capacity and wear characteristics.

This means that you can reduce the size of your chain for the same application, and reap all the benefits of a lighter weight system.

M315A160, for example, can be replaced with the welded pin and bush chain M224A160 which is 30% lighter and takes up considerably less space.

What's more, M315 welded pin and bush conveyor chain offers an increased breaking load of 440-470kN, which puts it well above the ISO standard of 315kN.

2. Upgrade your flights

green-chain-profileWe've helped many of our customers to reduce the weight of their flights by as much as 40%.

The solution? By replacing their standard flights with INNO wooden flights (wooden scrapers.)

INNO flights are made from multi-laminated beech which weighs one tenth of traditional steel scrapers, but while still offering the same durability. They are also available in three different strengths, depending on your application.

3. Take the weight out of your sprockets

abscherrad-grossReducing the weight of your sprockets means that less energy is required to drive the system - which provides the benefit of day-in day-out cost savings.

You'll also notice less wear on the overall system as well as a reduction in maintenance costs.

Unscheduled downtime is a problem that costs the materials handling industry millions of pounds every year due to the added cost of goods and the loss of production.

Helping your conveyors to shift a little excess weight in the New Year could offer some measurable benefits for your pocket in 2019.

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Darran Green

Written by Darran Green

A time-served apprentice, Darran has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of mechanical engineering, including the manufacture and sales of transmissions and other linear motion products.