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Why the right lubrication matters for the service life of leaf chain

Written by Peter Church on 29 Jan 2019

Even when engineers are confident that they've lubricated their leaf chain sufficiently, they can still encounter issues with friction corrosion, pitting and more.

So what steps should you follow to ensure your chain lubricant is applied to achieve optimum performance life?

And how can you be sure you've selected the right lubricant for the job?

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FB launches new employee wellness initiatives for 2019

Written by Peter Church on 22 Jan 2019

Our sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing can have an enormous impact on our levels of satisfaction, performance and productivity in the workplace.

It's something that we have always placed a large priority on at FB Chain - and with that in mind, we're pleased to announce that we'll be introducing an exciting range of new employee wellness initiatives over the coming months.

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New investment a positive move for European conveyor chain manufacture

Written by Darran Green on 15 Jan 2019

We were excited to hear the news this month that our Finnish sister company, FB Ketju, has made a significant new investment in its conveyor chain manufacturing operations with the purchase of new premises in Lappi, Rauma, Finland.

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Help your conveyor chain lose weight this January!

Written by Darran Green on 02 Jan 2019

We seem to start every year trying to get ourselves into shape, get fit and lose weight for the New Year.

Here at FB Chain, we may not be able to help you shift the effects of your festive excesses - but we can definitely help your conveyor system feel a whole lot better.

In this blog post, we offer three tips to help you slim-down your conveyor chain and boost your efficiency in 2019.

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Why our robots are such an important part of the FB Chain family

Written by Peter Church on 19 Dec 2018

As anyone within UK manufacturing is all too aware right now, finding (and keeping) skilled staff continues to be a pretty tough task.

And so much so, that here at FB Chain we've had some serious conversations about delaying our plans for growth of the business, simply because securing enough staff to be able to run more than one day shift was proving so problematic.

But while many manufacturers were opting to close down their UK production and send their work off-shore to lower-cost countries, we made the decision to keep things local, and stay competitive, by getting automated.

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6 factors to consider in leaf chain system design

Written by Peter Church on 17 Dec 2018

When designing a leaf chain system for safety-critical forms of materials handling equipment such as forklift trucks or telehandler booms, there are some essential design elements that will ensure there is no compromise in the functionality, compliance and longevity of the chain.

In this blog post we explore six features to consider in leaf chain system design:

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How to avoid supply chain disruption this Lunar New Year

Written by Peter Church on 14 Dec 2018

Lunar New Year - also known as Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival - is a treasured and highly anticipated event that is celebrated by close to 1.5 billion people around the world.

As China and its Asian neighbours eagerly await the impending 2019 Lunar New Year festivities (due to begin on February 5th), industrial chain manufacturers across the globe will once again be bracing themselves for the inevitable logistical and supply chain challenges presented by this popular annual holiday.  

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What to look for when conducting a leaf chain inspection

Written by Peter Church on 10 Dec 2018

Regular leaf chain inspection, in combination with an ongoing maintenance programme, will play a crucial role in improving safety and enhancing the service life of your materials handling equipment.

In this blog post we summarise some of the key signs to look for when evaluating the condition of your leaf chain and its component parts.

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How adjustable sprockets reduce the downtime of industrial conveyors

Written by Darran Green on 03 Dec 2018

Every component of a conveyor system, from chains to sprocket wheels to attachments, needs to be designed to achieve the optimum balance between strength, durability and resistance to wear.

Conveyor chain systems are also required to operate in often arduous environmental conditions which means there is an increased reliance on the use of the highest quality materials and on the most stringent of manufacturing methods to avoid unplanned and potentially costly shutdowns.

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How much is your roller chain really costing you?

Written by Darran Green on 26 Nov 2018

When purchasing a new roller chain, it can be tempting to look primarily at the upfront cost. You simply choose the best price, buy a whole bunch of chain and it's job done. Or is it?

The reality for many buyers of industrial chains is that, once you've factored in the ongoing operating costs, opting for a lower-priced option can actually end up being more expensive. What's just as important to consider is the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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