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What you need to know about the LOLER Approved Code of Practice

Written by Peter Church on 05 Mar 2019

Lifting operations within the workplace can be extremely dangerous - whether it's the positioning of steel beams on a construction site, the shifting of heavy pallets in a warehouse or the hoisting of personnel up the side of a tower-block.

If you run a business which operates lifting equipment in any capacity then you are responsible for ensuring its inspection and maintenance.

In the UK this means adhering to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

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Why use a professional chain wear gauge over tape or steel rule?

Written by Peter Church on 26 Feb 2019

When leaf chain fails, it's usually the result of a gradual process in which the chain elongates with long-term use. And the more that chain wears, the greater the increase in the actual pitch of the chain.

Any sudden failure can have catastrophic consequences. Which means when you're assessing the safety of industrial materials handling equipment such as forklifts, there's no room for error.

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Bespoke chain assembly kits, delivered just in time

Written by Pamela Peacock on 19 Feb 2019

Telehandlers are big business. The market is booming – and shows no signs of slowing down, with analysts predicting growth of almost 6% between now and 2022.

But can manufacturers keep up?

When demand is high, a flexible and agile supplier can make a huge contribution to the speed of production – and we’re doing all we can to help.

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Why measuring wear isn't always the best leaf chain inspection method

Written by Peter Church on 15 Feb 2019

When conducting a leaf chain inspection of any form of safety-critical industrial equipment, there can often be an over-reliance on the measuring of chain elongation.

While chain elongation is a significant factor, it should also be considered in the context of a wide range of other chain wear signs and symptoms including the condition of surfaces, pins and links or the effects of rust.

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Caldaro Addtech - flexibility, innovation and an international agenda

Written by Pamela Peacock on 14 Feb 2019

Caldaro is a leading OEM supplier of customer-adapted control components, with more than eighty years experience supplying joysticks, pedals, sensors, handles and operator interface related products to major industrial customers.  

In this blog post we gain some insights from Caldaro's Managing Director, Claudio Talamo, as he reveals what he believes makes the company the premium choice of HMI component supply for OEM market leaders.

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When it comes to Sittab seat accessories, first impressions count

Written by Pamela Peacock on 13 Feb 2019

When somebody sits down to test drive a new wheel loader or excavator, it is the seat accessories - the armrest, headrest and control holders – that are often the first things they touch.

And as Anders Claesson, the Managing Director of the Swedish seat accessories specialist Sittab explains, those first impressions really can make all the difference.

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The growing demand for electric drive systems in industrial vehicles

Written by Pamela Peacock on 11 Feb 2019

As electric cars and buses become commonplace on our roads, industrial vehicles manufacturers are also looking to offer their customers – and society at large – the same benefits of clean and quiet operation.

In this blog post, Adigo Managing Director Peter Mayer, explains how the company collaborates with its OEM customers’ R&D teams right from the start to design and supply optimum electric motors, drives and transmission, including the throttle and pedals.

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The rise in electromobility of industrial vehicles

Written by Pamela Peacock on 08 Feb 2019

In this latest of a series of posts showcasing FB Chain's sister companies, the Managing Director of Belgian electronic throttle control specialist MCS, explains how collaboration is making life as easy as possible for its customers.

"The growth of electromobility in off-highway applications has seen demand for our CAN – J1939 integrated module for throttle controls reach new heights," says MCS's MD Norbert Mendlicki.

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Some insights from FB Chain's parent company Addtech

Written by Pamela Peacock on 07 Feb 2019

FB Chain regularly collaborates with a number of our sister companies within the Addtech group, with our current efforts focused on our joint participation in a variety of industrial trade fairs taking place in 2019. 

While each company within the Addtech group has the freedom to operate independently within our niche areas, we're also strongly connected by our commitment to providing the highest quality components and systems within our different markets.  

In this blog post we take a closer look at the core values of the company by sharing some insights from the President of Addtech Customised Solutions, Tomas Pehrsson:

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Why the right lubrication matters for the service life of leaf chain

Written by Peter Church on 29 Jan 2019

Even when engineers are confident that they've lubricated their leaf chain sufficiently, they can still encounter issues with friction corrosion, pitting and more.

So what steps should you follow to ensure your chain lubricant is applied to achieve optimum performance life?

And how can you be sure you've selected the right lubricant for the job?

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