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What is the impact of environment on leaf chain wear life?

Written by Peter Church on 05 Nov 2018

The environments in which leaf chain mechanisms operate can differ widely. And the harsher the environmental conditions, the greater the impact will be on the safety, efficiency and longevity of the chain.

Chain that is used in forklift trucks, for example, can often be compromised by the effects of outdoor moisture, highly corrosive atmospheres or abrasion from sand or grit.

In this blog post we explore the primary environmental factors that can affect leaf chain wear-life and the importance of regular leaf chain inspection in ensuring the optimum performance of your materials handling equipment.

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Why does some leaf chain measure under pitch?

Written by Peter Church on 19 Sep 2018

All leaf chains are manufactured to International Standard ISO 4347:2015, which allows for ‘LL’ (EL) series leaf chains to be produced from link plates that can also be used to construct short pitch transmission roller chain.

Whether the actual pitch of the leaf chain is the same as its nominal pitch, however, depends on the manufacturer.

In this blog post we explain how to allow for the discrepancy between the nominal and actual pitch of leaf chain - and the alternatives that can solve the problem altogether.

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What to look for in a leaf chain safety test certificate

Written by Peter Church on 18 Sep 2018

All replacement forklift truck chains should be supplied with a chain test certificate that provides crucial information about the chain’s minimum breaking load and proof load.

But while the majority of forklift manufacturers and maintenance firms place a lot of importance on receiving these test certificates, the reality is that many will file them away without looking at them.

In this blog post, we describe the benefits of taking a closer look - and the key elements to look out for in your leaf chain test certificate.

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How to decode the leaf chain part number system

Written by Peter Church on 04 Sep 2018

Leaf chain part numbers are not arbitrary things.

The different combinations of letters and numbers that make up a leaf chain part number provide you with vital information about the type of chain, its pitch and its lacing.

This blog post provides an explanation of these three key elements to enable you to quickly and accurately select the correct chain for your materials handling application.

Once you know what to look for, you'll see how easy it is to decode any leaf chain part number in an instant.

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A 'quiet' year for FB Chain

Written by Peter Church on 21 Dec 2017

There were a few raised eyebrows last week when I suggested that 2017 had been a quiet year for FB Chain. It is amazing to think that at this point last year we were just about to start the relocation to our new building, and as I write this, it feels like it’s been our home for years. At the beginning of each year I suggest that everyone keep a list of key achievements during the year – this helps when the boss says something stupid like it has been a 'quiet year' or when things are not going to plan, a quick reality check on what has been achieved that can help to lift the spirts.   

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Knowing where to hit it

Written by Peter Church on 08 Jul 2017

This is me giving my colleague Thomas Wagner a small gift to mark the fact that he has worked for FB in Austria and Germany for over 25 years.

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Drawing strength and comfort from memories

Written by Peter Church on 30 Jun 2017

I get to do some great things as MD of FB Chain and I enjoy almost every element of my job but this month I had to do one of the hardest things in my 7 years in charge – tell the team that our colleague Amanda Ward had passed away just 3 month since she was diagnosed as having Motor Neurone Disease. She was well thought of by our customers and one of them gave me some good advice: “Draw strength and comfort from your memories”. So I thought this month I would share a few Amanda stories. 

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Change the way energy is generated and supplied

Written by Martin Green on 13 Jun 2017

FB Chain helps change the way energy is generated and supplied.

The Biomass and Waste to Energy industries are very important markets for FB chain’s conveyor chain products so when selecting which energy provider to use they wanted to show their support and play a part in changing the way that energy is generated, supplied and used as the UK moves to a low carbon future.

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The customer knows best

Written by Peter Church on 03 May 2017

MD Peter Church asks the question: ‘Should we give customers what they want or only what they need?’

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New building, new bodies

Written by Darran Green on 27 Mar 2017

As most of the FB Chain team spend their working days sitting behind desks, the Letchworth-based chain manufacturer has decided to take action by launching a number of healthy lifestyle initiatives, including a six-week gym fitness programme.

“Moving into the new office wasn’t just a chance to grow as a business, it was also an opportunity to develop as a team,” says FB Chain’s managing director, Peter Church.

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A guide to leaf chain for telehandlers200x270v2

A guide to leaf chain for telehandlers

This eBook explores the features of leaf chain, the process of leaf chain product selection and how assembly kits can enhance telehandler mast design.