Secure your place at FB Chain's 'Chain Knowledge Day' 2019

Written by Peter Church on 07 May 2019

Taking the time to maintain and improve good materials handling practice is a key priority for any company that is working with safety-critical forklift mast components.

And it's with this goal in mind that FB Chain will be holding the latest in its popular series of annual Chain Knowledge Days at its Letchworth site on 12th June 2019.

FB Chain's Chain Knowledge Day is well known for playing a vital role in broadening the understanding of senior forklift technicians and in helping to trouble-shoot a diverse range of leaf chain related issues within the forklift industry.

The event also fills an important gap by providing attendees with access to key resources that they may not necessarily have the opportunity to access in their day-to-day work - whether that's being able to carry out essential calculations such as converting kilonewtons into kilograms or tons, or understanding the relationship between tensile strength and working fatigue strength.

A major focus of the day will be on the tendency for the materials handling industry to become overly fixated with the concept of measuring chain wear. As members of the FB team will explain, there are a variety of other elements that are just as important in determining safe operation.

Other topics will include:

  • The basic principles and construction of leaf chain - The key components of leaf chain, its applications and how it differs from other types of industrial chain.
  • What to look for in a leaf chain test certificate - Including information on how to ensure compliance with key safety legislation (Machinery Directive, LOLER and PUWER) as well as explanations of breaking load, safe working load and proof load.
  • Why we measure leaf chain - Exploring the significance of chain elongation, how to know when a chain is deemed to be worn beyond its safe service life and how to determine a safe time limit for replacement. Even the smallest of percentages can have significant consequences for forklift safety, with just 3% wear resulting in an 18% reduction in tensile strength. 
  • A comparison of the Chain Wear Gauge versus steel rule - As FB's team of experts will explain, when you're dealing with such small percentages it's doubly important that you're using the most accurate chain wear tools to accurately measure chain elongation and to ensure compliance with the GN15 process.
  • Why some leaf chains measure ‘under pitch’ - Including an explanation of actual pitch and nominal pitch; and how chain that has been manufactured using leaf chain specific components differs from one that has been manufactured using short pitch transmission roller chain components.
  • Chain failure - With examples of the most common signs of chain failure, their causes and the preventative measures to take to extend operational life.
  • Chain lubrication, cold stores and coatings - Why the right lubrication is so critical for the service life of leaf chain; and the importance of re-lubrication at regular intervals as a preventative measure.
  • The impact of pulley diameter on chain life - The recommended dimensions of leaf chain pulleys (or sheaves); normal wear life rates and why the running diameter is so crucial to ensuring the longer life of leaf chain; the international standards that engineers have to bear in mind when designing a leaf chain pulley.
  • Issues with chain that is always under tension - With a focus on the effect that chain tension can have on clamps and attachments.
  • The importance of connecting links and ending chains on outers - The key differences between terminating on outers versus inners; the advantages of fixing leaf chain to the outer links of an anchor bolt.
  • Chain breaking loads against safe working loads - How fatigue limits relate to safe working loads.
  • How to refer to a working load conversion table - How to convert kN to Lbs to Kgs.

FB Chain's Chain Knowledge day is a free event and will be open to a maximum of 18 attendees. A buffet lunch will also be provided.

The event is typically very well subscribed, so to secure your place please get in touch to register your interest. 

Secure your place at Chain Knowledge Day

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Peter Church

Written by Peter Church

Peter has in-depth knowledge of leaf chain and its applications. His 25 years experience in supplying UK manufacturing companies has given him a detailed understanding of customer needs, and this has shaped the way he has taken FB chain. Peter is a member of TC100, which represents the UK on industrial chain standardisation issues.