When it comes to Sittab seat accessories, first impressions count

Written by Pamela Peacock on 13 Feb 2019

When somebody sits down to test drive a new wheel loader or excavator, it is the seat accessories - the armrest, headrest and control holders – that are often the first things they touch.

And as Anders Claesson, the Managing Director of the Swedish seat accessories specialist Sittab explains, those first impressions really can make all the difference.

"Wherever there is a requirement for a modern, well-equipped operator station, Sittab has the premium product," says Claesson.

"Rather than marketing components, however, we like to think of ourselves as selling an optimisation project.

We have a flexible design team that will work to a customer’s requirements based on the products we have. We can build whatever they want with our Lego – and we have the best Lego in the box.

Sittab is a small company with very large customers. All our designers work together developing the significant Sittab features that we then bring to each individual customer project.

Comfort based on ergonomic data

Everything is processed through our headquarters in Sweden so it’s easy for us to pick up on trends and market needs, which we incorporate into our customers’ requests, while still reflecting their own design culture.

We have that ‘comfonomic’ fingertip feeling – that’s comfort based on ergonomic data.

sittab-seat-accessories-specialist (1)One particular trend we’ve been exploring is for electrified and digitised seat accessories.

In the past, these were all mechanically operated with a lever but electrified and digitised versions are becoming increasingly common in trucks and personal cars.

Now we are also seeing demand for their use in premium off-highway vehicles.

Seat manufacturers aren’t there yet as the volumes for off-highway vehicles are still too low. But when they are ready, we can offer the electrified armrest, power-driven turntable and power-driven seat position system with memory settings.

A safe choice

Whether opting for the latest and greatest or something more traditional, Sittab is always a safe choice.

For us, quality is designed into the product, not merely verified afterwards – and we apply this mindset automatically.

We also supply a small aftermarket locally in Sweden, which acts as a reference group for new products.

Operators test the comfort and durability of the products and we implement their feedback so there are never any surprises for the OEMs.

Likewise, customers can always rely on us to deliver. Some of the big players in the seat accessories industry have had serious availability issues of late, but that’s not anything our customers have to worry about.

With assembly stations in the USA and China, mirroring our set-up in Sweden, we can pretty much guarantee supply.

When it comes to our own suppliers, we choose companies that, like us, have short lead times and a short decision-making process, will give us priority and who can grow together with us.

Our philosophy is that quality is related to continuity of people. We believe that much of our success in sales, quality and short delivery times is because we have such a low turnover of staff.

So you know that whenever you engage us to design and supply any sort of modern and well-equipped operator station, it won’t just be a quick win, rather a reliable relationship for the long term."

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Pamela Peacock

Written by Pamela Peacock

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