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Chain Wear Gauge FAQ – FB Chain professional

Written by Dan Hargraves on 10 Mar 2020

Why should I use a Chain Wear Gauge?

Leaf chain is deemed to be worn beyond its safe service life when the nominal pitch length has been extended by 2% to 3%. At this point, the fatigue life of the leaf chain is reduced and the ultimate breaking strength is considerably lower.

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The importance of measuring leaf chain for wear

Written by Peter Church on 17 Sep 2019

Leaf chain is a type of chain found most commonly on telehandlers and forklift trucks. In both applications it plays a crucial role. Failure of a leaf chain component can result in catastrophic consequences – leading to a loss of production with associated financial implications or even worse, serious injuries to an operator.

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Why use a professional chain wear gauge over tape or steel rule?

Written by Peter Church on 26 Feb 2019

When leaf chain fails, it's usually the result of a gradual process in which the chain elongates with long-term use. And the more that chain wears, the greater the increase in the actual pitch of the chain.

Any sudden failure can have catastrophic consequences. Which means when you're assessing the safety of industrial materials handling equipment such as forklifts, there's no room for error.

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What is the best chain wear tool for materials handling equipment?

Written by Peter Church on 19 Nov 2018

Tracking chain wear is a vital element of any chain inspection or service of materials handling equipment. 

In most cases, leaf chain failure is a gradual process in which the chain elongates as it wears. And the accumulative effect of chain wear is a marked increase in the actual pitch of the chain.

Once your leaf chain has reached, or exceeded, the recommended limit of extension then it's time to take action.

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Star Student at BITA Academy receives Professional Chain Wear Gauge

Written by Peter Church on 16 Nov 2012

Over the past few years we have presented high-achieving students at the BITA Academy, City of Bristol College with one of our FB Professional Chain Wear Gauges. A chain wear gauge is an essential part of any forklift operator's tool kit so we thought it right that the star drivers of the future should start their careers with the industry standard in hand.

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