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The FB Chain culture: find great people and keep them

Written by Pamela Peacock on 14 May 2019

Attracting and retaining great staff is a perennial challenge for manufacturing. 

When you find talented team members it makes sense to hang on to them - whether that's through the development of mentorship programmes, provision of recognition and rewards, training and development opportunities or encouraging employee work-life balance.

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Some insights from FB Chain's parent company Addtech

Written by Pamela Peacock on 07 Feb 2019

FB Chain regularly collaborates with a number of our sister companies within the Addtech group, with our current efforts focused on our joint participation in a variety of industrial trade fairs taking place in 2019. 

While each company within the Addtech group has the freedom to operate independently within our niche areas, we're also strongly connected by our commitment to providing the highest quality components and systems within our different markets.  

In this blog post we take a closer look at the core values of the company by sharing some insights from the President of Addtech Customised Solutions, Tomas Pehrsson:

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FB launches new employee wellness initiatives for 2019

Written by Peter Church on 22 Jan 2019

Our sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing can have an enormous impact on our levels of satisfaction, performance and productivity in the workplace.

It's something that we have always placed a large priority on at FB Chain - and with that in mind, we're pleased to announce that we'll be introducing an exciting range of new employee wellness initiatives over the coming months.

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Why apprentices are so important to FB Chain

Written by Martin Green on 25 Nov 2015

FB Chain employed its first apprentice in over 25 years in 2012. The initial aim was to take on one new apprentice every year, over the following three years. With a shortage of skilled technicians, FB considered it was the only way that it could ensure that it had the skilled workforce that was required.

Peter Church, managing director at FB Chain said: “Like many other manufacturing companies we have found that there is a real dearth of skilled workers in our industry. In an attempt to bridge that gap, rather than simply complain, we decided that we would do something about it and train the skilled workers we required ourselves.

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Why I make my own cup of tea

Written by Peter Church on 20 Oct 2015

Often a member of the FB Chain team offers to make me a cup of tea and I always decline. Staff numbers have grown over the last few years and I do not yet know everyone on a more personal level. Meeting staff in the kitchen as I make a cup of tea gives me a chance to have a chat with them and get to know them. Indeed the kitchen is perhaps the only place where staff from across the business regularly interact with each other. Some bosses might be concerned about time ‘lost’ in in the kitchen. They think employees are discussing sports or last night’s TV – and they probably are – but they might also be discussing the solution to a challenge or an improvement to a business process or service.

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First Aid Training a First Priority for FB Staff

Written by Peter Church on 03 Dec 2012

We often post about safety and accident avoidance in the materials handling industry, but what about incident response?

As well as providing employees with a safe working environment and the proper training to ensure tasks are carried out both efficiently and without danger, businesses have a legal requirement to mitigate any unfortunate incidents with rapid first response measures. One of these vital measures is of course the availability of qualified first aiders as instant medical attention, even if it is basic, can make an enormous difference.

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