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How a plastic wear strip can increase the life of your conveyor chain

Written by Darran Green on 23 Jul 2019

Demanding conveyor environments, such as biomass plants, cement works, pulp and paper factories or sawmills, rely on robust machinery that can consistently and reliably transport high volumes of material, often over long distances.

Efficient handling of those materials is essential for cost-effective production - and conveyor downtime, whether it's as part of a scheduled preventative maintenance programme, or due to an unplanned outage, can have a detrimental effect on production capacity.

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Are the welded pins and bushes on your conveyor chain up to scratch?

Written by Darran Green on 02 Jul 2019

Industrial conveyor systems are frequently required to operate in arduous and demanding conditions.

When the performance of your conveyor chain is key, we often recommend using welded pins and bushes to provide greater strength and improve the wear characteristics of the chain.

If carried out correctly, welded pins and bushes can increase a conveyor chain's strength by more than 30%.

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5 ways to reduce the downtime of your conveyor system

Written by Darran Green on 02 May 2019

Unplanned conveyor system downtime is one of the biggest problems in manufacturing, with the potential to affect everything from levels of power consumption and waste management to labour productivity and customer satisfaction.

When we speak with our sawmill customers, for example, it's not uncommon for them to tell us that unplanned halts in their production are costing them anything from £50 to £100 per minute. In some cases, they say, it can be even more, depending on which of their lines has been affected.

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New investment a positive move for European conveyor chain manufacture

Written by Darran Green on 15 Jan 2019

We were excited to hear the news this month that our Finnish sister company, FB Ketju, has made a significant new investment in its conveyor chain manufacturing operations with the purchase of new premises in Lappi, Rauma, Finland.

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Three simple ways to take the weight out of your conveyor chain

Written by Darran Green on 02 Jan 2019

Conveyor chain is used in a wide variety of arduous and highly demanding applications - from the transport of biomass fuels to cement, steel work, pulp and paper and the recycling industry.
Strength, durability and reliability are key. And system downtime, whether it's planned or unplanned, can be hugely costly.
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How adjustable sprockets reduce the downtime of industrial conveyors

Written by Darran Green on 03 Dec 2018

Every component of a conveyor system, from chains to sprocket wheels to attachments, needs to be designed to achieve the optimum balance between strength, durability and resistance to wear.

Conveyor chain systems are also required to operate in often arduous environmental conditions which means there is an increased reliance on the use of the highest quality materials and on the most stringent of manufacturing methods to avoid unplanned and potentially costly shutdowns.

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Innovative conveyor wear strip design makes maintenance easy

Written by Peter Church on 25 Jan 2016

Polyethylene wear strips are a common sight in many conveyor applications, protecting chains from damage and reducing noise and vibrations – yet only in a single colour. Now FB Chain is offering customers a new two-colour design, developed by its conveyor specialist Graham Barber, which can help service technicians to better plan maintenance.

In Barber’s design two contrasting coloured plastics are layered over each other and as soon as the base colour becomes visible through the top layer, technicians know that it is time to replace the wear strip. This visual cue acts as a convenient built-in wear indicator. Technicians do not need to stop the conveyor to check the degree of wear to the wear strips and it ensures they are replaced at the optimum time – not too early, generating unnecessary expenditure, and not too late when damage could be caused to the conveyor chain. Proven innovation.

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FB Group celebrates 70 years of quality conveyors

Written by Darran Green on 09 Jul 2015

On 17th June several hundred staff, suppliers, dignitaries and customers from across Finland, Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Central Europe gathered at FB Ketjutekniikka’s facilities in Köyliö, Finland, to celebrate the company’s 70th anniversary – and inaugurate a new factory building.

Founded in 1945 FB Ketjutekniikka has grown to become the largest manufacturer of conveyor chain in Scandinavia and the largest manufacturer of welded conveyor chain in Europe. It specialises in custom materials and attachments for the wood processing, steel and mining industries.

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Scraper Conveyor Chains on Short Lead Times

Written by Darran Green on 25 Nov 2012

Over the past 12 months we have been strengthening our relationships with clients in the waste processing, recycling and biomass industries by adapting our products and services to suit their particular requirements. One of our new priorities, is providing even quicker delivery on our scraper chains.

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Swedish technology helps keep conveyors moving

Written by Darran Green on 10 May 2012

In addition to conveyor chains, sprockets and attachments FB Chain Ltd. now stocks a range of conveyor tools, designed by its sister company, FB Kedjor AB in Sweden. Developed in partnership with the engineering faculties of several Swedish universities, the new range of conveyor tools helps to ensure conveyor chains are correctly seated and avoid costly downtime.

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