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Are leaf chain anchor pins a weak point in your lift system?

Written by Oliver McCann on 28 Aug 2019

When it comes to forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment that use fixed leaf chains, the saying “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” is not entirely true, as another weak point is potentially the anchor – where the leaf chain is attached to the lift system.

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What to look for in a leaf chain safety test certificate

Written by Peter Church on 18 Sep 2018

All replacement forklift truck chains should be supplied with a chain test certificate that provides crucial information about the chain’s minimum breaking load and proof load.

But while the majority of forklift manufacturers and maintenance firms place a lot of importance on receiving these test certificates, the reality is that many will file them away without looking at them.

In this blog post, we describe the benefits of taking a closer look - and the key elements to look out for in your leaf chain test certificate.

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Overwhelming response to forklift safety challenge

Written by Peter Church on 25 Oct 2012

The Fork Lift Truck Association's National Fork Truck Safety Week was met with unprecented enthusiasm from businesses the length and breath of the UK.

The FLTA is delighted that so many companies participated in the organisations Go For Gold challange, designed to increase awareness of the need for safety in all aspects of owning and operating fork lift trucks.

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A million Britons in danger due to lack of forklift training

Written by Peter Church on 02 Mar 2012

A study carried out by the Forklift Truck Association has revealed that over 1.2 million workers in the UK are at risk of a serious, even fatal accident because they have not been properly trained to work with forklift trucks.

According to these latest shocking reports, as many as 10 Britons are killed every year and over 400 suffer major injuries such as amputations and crushing in forklift truck related incidents.

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FB Chain Safe Working Load

Written by Peter Church on 12 Feb 2012

Apart from the inevitable damage to the load and the front end of the truck itself, the forklift owner could face a personal injury compensation claim from any employee hurt as a result of chain malfunction. Such claims can run to many thousands of pounds.

Of course, all forklift chains should be routinely checked for wear, and when the time comes for a chain to be replaced (most lift trucks chains last between three and five years) it is critically important to specify a product with a safe working load in excess of the lifting capacity of the truck it is fitted to.

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