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Seven key innovators in the history of industrial chain

Written by Peter Church on 17 Mar 2021

7 key innovators in the history of industrial chain

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A brief history of chain: from Ancient Egypt to Jubilee Business Park

Written by Peter Church on 12 Feb 2021

Who invented industrial chain? Was it Hans Renold, André Galle, Leonardo da Vinci or perhaps even Imhotep? We look back over the key innovations that laid the foundations for today’s lifting and transmission chain.

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Are leaf chain anchor pins a weak point in your lift system?

Written by Oliver McCann on 28 Aug 2019

When it comes to forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment that use fixed leaf chains, the saying “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” is not entirely true, as another weak point is potentially the anchor – where the leaf chain is attached to the lift system.

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Why a leaf chain test cert is more than a piece of paper

Written by Oliver McCann on 01 Aug 2019

Installed and maintained correctly, the hard-working leaf chain on your forklift or telehandler will give many years of service. But any industrial leaf chain will suffer from wear or potential environmental damage and should be periodically inspected.

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How can I tell when it's time to replace my leaf chain?

Written by Peter Church on 28 May 2019

Regular leaf chain inspection is vital for ensuring the safe operation of any form of safety-critical materials handling equipment such as forklift trucks or telehandlers.

Some signs of leaf chain wear are obvious. Turned pins, for example, are easy to spot and are an indication that a leaf chain will need to be replaced as a matter of urgency.

But other forms of leaf chain wear, may be less visible, which means leaf chain needs to be routinely measured to ensure that it is not exceeding the accepted percentage of elongation.

At the same time it is important to bear in mind that there can be an over-reliance on leaf chain elongation when conducting a leaf chain inspection. What is important is to take into account all the operational factors that can have an impact on leaf chain wear.

In this blog post we discuss some of the key considerations that will help to guide your leaf chain inspections and to ensure the safe and consistent operation of your materials handling equipment.

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Why measuring wear isn't always the best leaf chain inspection method

Written by Peter Church on 15 Feb 2019

When conducting a leaf chain inspection of any form of safety-critical industrial equipment, there can often be an over-reliance on the measuring of chain elongation.

While chain elongation is a significant factor, it should also be considered in the context of a wide range of other chain wear signs and symptoms including the condition of surfaces, pins and links or the effects of rust.

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What to look for when conducting a leaf chain inspection

Written by Peter Church on 10 Dec 2018

Regular leaf chain inspection, in combination with an ongoing maintenance programme, will play a crucial role in improving safety and enhancing the service life of your materials handling equipment.

In this blog post we summarise some of the key signs to look for when evaluating the condition of your leaf chain and its component parts.

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What is the best chain wear tool for materials handling equipment?

Written by Peter Church on 19 Nov 2018

Tracking chain wear is a vital element of any chain inspection or service of materials handling equipment. 

In most cases, leaf chain failure is a gradual process in which the chain elongates as it wears. And the accumulative effect of chain wear is a marked increase in the actual pitch of the chain.

Once your leaf chain has reached, or exceeded, the recommended limit of extension then it's time to take action.

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What is the impact of environment on leaf chain wear life?

Written by Peter Church on 05 Nov 2018

The environments in which leaf chain mechanisms operate can differ widely. And the harsher the environmental conditions, the greater the impact will be on the safety, efficiency and longevity of the chain.

Chain that is used in forklift trucks, for example, can often be compromised by the effects of outdoor moisture, highly corrosive atmospheres or abrasion from sand or grit.

In this blog post we explore the primary environmental factors that can affect leaf chain wear-life and the importance of regular leaf chain inspection in ensuring the optimum performance of your materials handling equipment.

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