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How much is your roller chain really costing you?

Written by Darran Green on 26 Nov 2018

When purchasing a new roller chain, it can be tempting to look primarily at the upfront cost. You simply choose the best price, buy a whole bunch of chain and it's job done. Or is it?

The reality for many buyers of industrial chains is that, once you've factored in the ongoing operating costs, opting for a lower-priced option can actually end up being more expensive. What's just as important to consider is the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Vorsprung durch Plastik introduced to extend roller and conveyor chain life

Written by Darran Green on 03 May 2012

Leading industrial chain manufacturer and supplier FB Chain is pleased to announce the introduction of a new range of plastic wear strips for use with roller and conveyor chains.

Developed in Germany, the new FB wear strips (also known as chain guides) are manufactured from ultra high molecular weight Polyethylenes (UMHW-PE) to provide maximum wear resistance and durability for a multitude of transmission applications.

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