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6 sprocket solutions to reduce conveyor system downtime

Written by Darran Green on 04 Jun 2019

Conveyor chains are frequently required to operate in arduous and challenging environments, from the transport of biomass fuels to cement, steel-work, recycling, paper and pulp and food processing industries. These are demanding applications that rely on the use of industrial chain and components that have the strength and durability to withstand wear.

In this blog post we explore six conveyor chain sprocket solutions that have been proven to reduce conveyor system downtime, improve productivity and prolong chain life.

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How adjustable sprockets reduce the downtime of industrial conveyors

Written by Darran Green on 03 Dec 2018

Every component of a conveyor system, from chains to sprocket wheels to attachments, needs to be designed to achieve the optimum balance between strength, durability and resistance to wear.

Conveyor chain systems are also required to operate in often arduous environmental conditions which means there is an increased reliance on the use of the highest quality materials and on the most stringent of manufacturing methods to avoid unplanned and potentially costly shutdowns.

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Some sprocket applications demand a special solution

Written by Martin Green on 07 Oct 2013

FB, the Letchworth based chain manufacturer provides solutions to common & complex sprocket problems. The organisation takes time to understand customer needs and translate ideas into workable solutions.

Whilst having over 100 years’ experience manufacturing conveyor chain, perhaps UK engineers are not so familiar with FB’s capability delivering high quality sprockets for special and complex solutions, particularly for DIN & SMS standard conveyor chain used within arduous industrial applications such as sawmills and recycling plants.

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