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How to avoid supply chain disruption this Lunar New Year

Written by Peter Church on 14 Dec 2018

Lunar New Year - also known as Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival - is a treasured and highly anticipated event that is celebrated by close to 1.5 billion people around the world.

As China and its Asian neighbours eagerly await the impending 2019 Lunar New Year festivities (due to begin on February 5th), industrial chain manufacturers across the globe will once again be bracing themselves for the inevitable logistical and supply chain challenges presented by this popular annual holiday.  

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Total recall, total disaster?

Written by Peter Church on 15 May 2015

Product recalls are every manufacturer’s worst nightmare, bringing dire consequences for brand image and profits – not to mention the safety of the end user. And yet they happen all too often. This week Japanese car giants Toyota and Nissan were the latest global manufacturers to fall foul, announcing a recall of 6.5 million cars around the world. The reason? Potentially faulty airbag inflators from Takata, installed in models manufactured between 2003 and 2007. Keeping track of components and models produced in your own factories can be challenging enough, but what about those manufactured by an external supplier more than a decade ago?

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