FB Chain operate from an advanced production facility in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, where we manufacture highly specialised industrial chains, chain assemblies, anchor bolts, pins and pulleys for a wide range of safety-critical industries and applications.

We are proud to be the only leaf chain manufacturer represented by the British International Truck Association (BITA) and the Forklift Truck Association (FLTA).

Leaf chain


Discover our wide range of ISO 9000 compliant leaf chain products, accessories, assemblies and tools. Our high quality leaf chain and its machined parts are produced from specialist steels to withstand shock loads, maintain strength and resist wear.

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Conveyor chain


FB Conveyor chains provide increased resistance to shock loads and tensile strength that is 30% higher than the ISO Standard. Our use of specially selected materials and automatic welding techniques ensures high-quality chain with a longer wear life.

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Roller chain


FB Chain manufacture and supply precision-made roller chain and lube free roller chain products including plastic combination roller chain, sintered bush roller chain and sealed for life roller chain for use in the most demanding of industrial environments. 

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Chain wear gauge


The FB Chain Chain Wear Gauge enables quick, accurate and consistent tracking of chain elongation.  While primarily designed for the measurement of leaf chain, the Chain Wear Gauge can be used to measure all chain with an imperial pitch of 3/8" to 3".

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