FB chain conveyor chain solutions

Conveyor Chain

Conveyor chain solutions are designed and manufactured for the most demanding of environments

We design and manufacture conveyor chain, stainless steel roller chain, conveyor chain sprockets and associated parts according to customers’ exact requirements using our sister company FB Ketju’s state-of-the-art factory in Finland. This approach ensures the highest quality at the lowest cost for the customer.

We have decades of bespoke design, installation and re-engineering experience for conveyors on all scales. As a company with vast knowledge, we are able to respond quickly to our customers’ individual needs, finding a niche ability to tackle complex projects that other potential suppliers couldn’t or didn’t want to complete.

Modern manufacturing methods

Over the years we have devised so many unique solutions to achieve huge cost savings for our customers, using more modern materials to lengthen service life or re-engineering entire conveyor systems to make them more efficient.

Welded Pins & Bushes

FB conveyor chains can be made with welded pins and bushes offer high durability against shock loads and tensile strengths that are 30% higher than ISO Standard conveyor chains commonly found in the marketplace. Using FB conveyor chain with welded pins and bushes can also reduce the chain size required.  A chain like FV250A160 for example, can be replaced by FV180A160, which is 40% lighter and takes up far less space. Read more…


Although often overlooked, conveyor chain sprockets with some simple modification can significantly reduce conveyor system downtime, improve productivity and prolong the life of the chain. Read more…

INNO Wooden Conveyor Scraper Flights

Traditional steel scrapers are heavy and if damaged can buckle and damage other parts of the conveyor. Replacement times can be lengthy and damage other parts of the conveyor. INNO wooden scraper flights offer a cost effective alternative. Read more…


FB rEVOLUTION scraper chains are the result of a request to design a forged scraper that combined the wear resistance of drop forged link chains with the innovation and field-proven features of modern FB conveyor chains. It needed to run faster over a longer distance and guarantee an increased working life. The result is FB rEVOLUTION scraper chains. Read more…

Corrosion Resistant

We can change the material of the pins and bushes and sprockets to incorporate corrosion resistant properties. This greatly improves the components’ resistance to wear, pitting and corrosion which has been particularly effective in wet ash removal in biomass plants. Read more…

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