Our vast range of experience and knowledge has been put to good use by our customers, to provide a variety of solutions from machine modification to full machine design and build.

  • Design, build, & installation of belt conveyors
  • Extention & modification of existing conveyors
  • Design, build & installation of chain conveyor systems
  • Design, build & installation of lotion applicator systems

Orbital pie press


At the latter end of 2016 FBkc were successful in winning a contract to design and build a machine that makes pies – pies of all shapes and sizes. Our client – the world’s largest food retail chain is renown for its quality, freshness, service and an overriding sense of community.

From a blank piece of paper the scope of work was indeed challenging – you might say something to get our teeth into… a complete machine, a soft meat depositor, a hard meat depositor, NINE sets of tooling both blocking and lidding, and tooling storage / washdown trolleys. The technology adopted was based on existing pie making technologies whilst incorporating PLC and PILZ control and safety systems.

The emphasis was on functionality and speed of changeover enabling total flexibility in production. This flexibility and functionality restricts speed of manufacture but at 10,000 units per hour FBkc have indeed designed and manufactured a quality machine to budget and on time.

BKC orbital pie press

the stacker

Towards the end of 2015 FBkc where awarded a prestigious contract to design and build a machine that would stack fluted board sheets automatically onto pallets, a simple task you may think but when the sheets are coming at you 2 every second, in varying sizes up to 1400mm x 1400mm and in varying thicknesses the challenge becomes less simple.

FBkc’s design team came up with the solution and ‘the stacker’ was built. Utilising the very latest Siemens plc and servo drive system technology we are able to control and stack the sheeted product neatly and accurately at speed, adjustments are automatically made to the machine in mid flow to cater for the differing sizes and thicknesses of sheet. Operator control of the machine is made via a Siemens HMI interface panel. An example of bespoke engineering at its best providing a solution from concept to creation.

the stacker