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Alan Longshaw

Technical Sales Engineer Alan Longshaw has more than 25 years of experience in the conveyor chain industry. He began his career designing and drawing chains for a UK manufacturing company before moving to a sales role after realising he could improve the flow of information between technical and sales teams. His strong mechanical and consultative background enables him to tackle the most complex conveyor challenges, devising solutions that save customers both time and money.

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How we bring Europe’s leading sawmill conveyor chain technology to the UK

Written by Alan Longshaw on 05 August 2020

Our sister company FB Ketten Austria has grown over the last 30 years to become the European technology and market leader in sawmill conveyor chain and sprockets. With our own engineering expertise and feet on the ground, we are pleased to leverage this deep application knowledge to help UK timber processing customers save both time and money.

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7 things motor amps tell you about the state of your conveyor chains

Written by Alan Longshaw on 08 July 2020

The amount of work the motor has to do to drive the chain conveyor, as indicated by the power it consumes, provides extremely valuable insight into the operation of the system – allowing you to take actions that save both time and money.

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How can I measure the efficiency of my chain conveyor?

Written by Alan Longshaw on 17 June 2020

Graphing motor amps is a simple and inexpensive method of conveyor condition monitoring. Over time, you will gain insights into the effects of lubrication, wear, tension, alignment and overloading on the overall health of your conveyor, so you can take steps to better maintain it. 

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