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A time-served apprentice, Darran has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of mechanical engineering, including the manufacture and sales of transmissions and other linear motion products.

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How can I make my ash removal chain last longer?

Written by Darran Green on 01 July 2020

When specifying a conveyor chain for a corrosive environment, such as wet ash removal at a biomass energy plant, it’s important to consider the wear characteristics of the material and design. Stainless steel pins and bushes that have been welded for extra strength, for example, can dramatically increase service life and prevent costly unscheduled downtime. 

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Biomass conveyor chains: 15 years of experience and counting

Written by Darran Green on 10 June 2020

Through the wider FB Group, we’ve been involved in the European energy-from-waste industry right from its very inception. Now with our dedicated conveyor division in the UK, FBkc, we are more committed than ever to helping biomass plants extend the life of their conveyor components.

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How to quickly and easily identify roller chain

Written by Darran Green on 12 May 2020

I carry around a large number of chain catalogues to help with roller chain identification when I am working at customers’ sites. At first, glance, trying to identify a roller chain can seem very confusing with catalogues featuring lots of special attachments and extended pins, but in fact, the vast majority of roller chain is based on just two main standards:

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New custom chain for log stackers improves service life

Written by Darran Green on 19 August 2019

The wood and paper industries have some of the most arduous applications for industrial chain. And a particular challenge is the gripper chain on log stackers.

FB chain has found a solution that is helping its customers to achieve increased chain life and reduce machine downtime.

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How a plastic wear strip can increase the life of your conveyor chain

Written by Darran Green on 23 July 2019

Demanding conveyor environments, such as biomass plants, cement works, pulp and paper factories or sawmills, rely on robust machinery that can consistently and reliably transport high volumes of material, often over long distances.

Efficient handling of those materials is essential for cost-effective production - and conveyor downtime, whether it's as part of a scheduled preventative maintenance programme, or due to an unplanned outage, can have a detrimental effect on production capacity.

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Are the welded pins and bushes on your conveyor chain up to scratch?

Written by Darran Green on 02 July 2019

Industrial conveyor systems are frequently required to operate in arduous and demanding conditions.

When the performance of your conveyor chain is key, we often recommend using welded pins and bushes to provide greater strength and improve the wear characteristics of the chain.

If carried out correctly, welded pins and bushes can increase a conveyor chain's strength by more than 30%.

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Which roller chain applications are best for the biomass industry?

Written by Darran Green on 18 June 2019

Biomass facilities rely on being able to consistently generate power round the clock, 24/7.  However this need for continual operation can make the cleaning, lubrication and maintenance of roller chain much more of a challenge. 

Any period of downtime - whether it's for planned maintenance or as the result of an unplanned outage - has the potential to cause major disruption and incur huge expense.

So what's the best roller chain solution to reduce planned maintenance time and avoid costly unplanned outages?

If you're finding that corrosion, reduced roller chain service life or unplanned downtime are impacting on your plant's productivity then maintenance free self-lubricating chain (often referred to as lube free chain) could provide the answer.

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6 sprocket solutions to reduce conveyor system downtime

Written by Darran Green on 04 June 2019

Conveyor chains are frequently required to operate in arduous and challenging environments, from the transport of biomass fuels to cement, steel-work, recycling, paper and pulp and food processing industries. These are demanding applications that rely on the use of industrial chain and components that have the strength and durability to withstand wear.

In this blog post we explore six conveyor chain sprocket solutions that have been proven to reduce conveyor system downtime, improve productivity and prolong chain life.

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5 ways to reduce the downtime of your conveyor system

Written by Darran Green on 02 May 2019

Unplanned conveyor system downtime is one of the biggest problems in manufacturing, with the potential to affect everything from levels of power consumption and waste management to labour productivity and customer satisfaction.

When we speak with our sawmill customers, for example, it's not uncommon for them to tell us that unplanned halts in their production are costing them anything from £50 to £100 per minute. In some cases, they say, it can be even more, depending on which of their lines has been affected.

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Could a change of scraper solve your conveyor system downtime issues?

Written by Darran Green on 27 March 2019

If you've ever seen the kind of chaos that a failed conveyor flight (or scraper) can cause, then you’ll understand just how much time, effort and money it takes to put this kind of problem right.

Unless you can find a solution, the costs could mount up fast!

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