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Blackburn-based David Chippendale is head of FB Chain’s dedicated conveyor and special roller chain division, FBkc. A qualified engineer, he brings more than 30 years of experience in the research and development of power and transmission solutions. Before joining the FB Group, David ran his own company, BKC Products, which specialised in the design, manufacture, installation and reengineering of conveyors on all scales. He is passionate about understanding clients’ objectives and issues and creating truly bespoke solutions that achieve big cost savings often in a tight time window.
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Are you paying unnecessarily for a changeover option on your TMC upender chain?

Written by David Chippendale on 02 September 2020

At FBkc we’ve done away with the frequently unused changeover option on TMC upender chains for the paper making and tissue converting industries to offer a high-quality aftermarket alternative at a fraction of the cost.

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Premium quality conveyor chain manufactured in Europe

Written by David Chippendale on 29 July 2020

We design and manufacture conveyor chain, sprockets and associated parts according to customers’ exact requirements using our sister company FB Ketju’s state-of- the-art factory in Finland. This approach ensures the highest quality at the lowest cost for the customer.

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Why choose FBkc over TMC overhead flight belts? 

Written by David Chippendale on 15 July 2020

TMC may be the big-name brand in equipment for the paper making and tissue converting industry, but we’re giving them some healthy competition in the aftermarket – with replacement overhead flight belts  that perform as good if not better at a fraction of the OEM price.

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Fabio Perini vs FBkc overhead flight chain: Which is a better choice?

Written by David Chippendale on 24 June 2020

Fabio Perini may be the global leader in equipment for the paper making and tissue converting industries, but we’re giving them a run for their money in the aftermarket – with replacement overhead flight chains that better distribute the load and offer a longer service life. 

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What is FBkc and how does it relate to FB Chain?

Written by David Chippendale on 03 June 2020

FBkc managing director David Chippendale tells the story of FB Chain’s new dedicated conveyor chain division and how its experienced engineers provide turnkey conveyor solutions for clients – sometimes without even a chain in sight.  

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