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How can I make my conveyor operations more sustainable?

Written by Darran Green on 16 September 2020

Lightweight and long-lasting conveyor chains that are tailored to your individual application and set-up can significantly lessen environmental impact by cutting down on the amount of raw material and energy consumed during manufacturing and operation.

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FB Chain keeps wet ash removal conveyor running at UK’s first straw-fuelled biomass plant

Written by Darran Green on 09 September 2020

FB Chain – and now FBkc – has worked with EPR Ely for eight years to boost conveyor performance at the straw-fuelled Elean power station in Cambridgeshire.

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How can I prevent conveyor sprockets from clogging?

Written by Darran Green on 19 August 2020

FB Chain offers specially designed anti-clog conveyor chain sprockets with self-cleaning grooves to prevent loose, moist material from clogging up the driving flank of the sprocket tooth. This ensures the smooth running of the conveyor chain, reduces wear, and increases the service life of both the sprocket and chain.

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How we bring Europe’s leading sawmill conveyor chain technology to the UK

Written by Alan Longshaw on 05 August 2020

Our sister company FB Ketten Austria has grown over the last 30 years to become the European technology and market leader in sawmill conveyor chain and sprockets. With our own engineering expertise and feet on the ground, we are pleased to leverage this deep application knowledge to help UK timber processing customers save both time and money.

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Premium quality conveyor chain manufactured in Europe

Written by David Chippendale on 29 July 2020

We design and manufacture conveyor chain, sprockets and associated parts according to customers’ exact requirements using our sister company FB Ketju’s state-of- the-art factory in Finland. This approach ensures the highest quality at the lowest cost for the customer.

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7 things motor amps tell you about the state of your conveyor chains

Written by Alan Longshaw on 08 July 2020

The amount of work the motor has to do to drive the chain conveyor, as indicated by the power it consumes, provides extremely valuable insight into the operation of the system – allowing you to take actions that save both time and money.

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Fabio Perini vs FBkc overhead flight chain: Which is a better choice?

Written by David Chippendale on 24 June 2020

Fabio Perini may be the global leader in equipment for the paper making and tissue converting industries, but we’re giving them a run for their money in the aftermarket – with replacement overhead flight chains that better distribute the load and offer a longer service life. 

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How can I measure the efficiency of my chain conveyor?

Written by Alan Longshaw on 17 June 2020

Graphing motor amps is a simple and inexpensive method of conveyor condition monitoring. Over time, you will gain insights into the effects of lubrication, wear, tension, alignment and overloading on the overall health of your conveyor, so you can take steps to better maintain it. 

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Biomass conveyor chains: 15 years of experience and counting

Written by Darran Green on 10 June 2020

Through the wider FB Group, we’ve been involved in the European energy-from-waste industry right from its very inception. Now with our dedicated conveyor division in the UK, FBkc, we are more committed than ever to helping biomass plants extend the life of their conveyor components.

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What is FBkc and how does it relate to FB Chain?

Written by David Chippendale on 03 June 2020

FBkc managing director David Chippendale tells the story of FB Chain’s new dedicated conveyor chain division and how its experienced engineers provide turnkey conveyor solutions for clients – sometimes without even a chain in sight.  

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