What is FBkc and how does it relate to FB Chain?

Written by David Chippendale on 03 June 2020

FBkc managing director David Chippendale tells the story of FB Chain’s new dedicated conveyor chain division and how its experienced engineers provide turnkey conveyor solutions for clients – sometimes without even a chain in sight.  

FBkc is a new brand formed from the merger of FB Chain in the UK and my company BKC in August 2019. FB affords us the manufacturing resource and backing of a £1 billion organisation, while BKC brings decades of bespoke design, installation and reengineering experience for conveyors on all scales.   

During BKC’s 12-year existence we found a niche ability to survive where other potential companies struggled to respond fast enough to clients’ needs and problems. Being a small company with vast knowledge, we were able to act quickly to achieve big cost savings for our clients, using more modern materials that lengthen service life and reengineering systems to make them more efficient.  

As an engineering company – as opposed to a product company – we weren’t limited to a catalogue of options to base our designs on. We were free to create truly bespoke solutions – and often ended up with all the tricky jobs that competitors couldn’t or didn’t want to complete.  

However, while we were able to produce components ourselves, we never had a proper manufacturing arm and if BKC was going to progress, having that resource was the next logical step. At the same time, FB Chain needed an engineering arm to help customise products and install them. Now, as FBkc, we have the strengths of both companies under one roof.  

A unique proposition  

Historically, a client would purchase chain from FB Chain or another chain supplier and then have to find someone else to install it. FBkc now offers this service in its entirety, which is much more efficient and cost effective – but very rarely do you see a company who will do the whole shebang, simply because of the different skillsets involved. We are unique in this respect.  

And even though the former BKC team is now part of one of Europe’s largest chainmakers, our focus on supplying solutions to problems, rather than just products, has not changed. We are all about customer service – understanding the needs of the client and providing the right solutions often in a tight time window.  

Dedicated to customer service  

Some of our competitors might claim to be providing the right solution – perhaps even a customised one – but, as I mentioned before, chain people often try to solve the problem with parts from a repertoire. With us, the goal posts are as wide as they can possibly be.  

 We look at the application and think about how we can improve the design for ease and longevity with no limitations. This could be with a standard FB offering or a completely bespoke one – and if it involves converting a conveyor from using a chain to a belt, we will do it. How many chain companies do you know who would commit to that?!  

Our promise at FBkc is to stay flexible and not push a product agenda. So if you are experiencing an issue with your conveyor or are in the market for an entirely new one, please do speak to us. Our experienced engineers will go above and beyond to find you the very best solution – whatever your industry – and install it with the absolute minimum of fuss, helping you stay operational and profitable.  

Arrange a meeting with us for no obligation advice about your chain requirements and how we can optimise them. 


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David Chippendale

Written by David Chippendale

Blackburn-based David Chippendale is head of FB Chain’s dedicated conveyor and special roller chain division, FBkc. A qualified engineer, he brings more than 30 years of experience in the research and development of power and transmission solutions. Before joining the FB Group, David ran his own company, BKC Products, which specialised in the design, manufacture, installation and reengineering of conveyors on all scales. He is passionate about understanding clients’ objectives and issues and creating truly bespoke solutions that achieve big cost savings often in a tight time window.