Roller chain products to reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity and prolong chain life

Maintenance free, self-lubricating roller chains are ideally suited to the food and beverage, packaging, printing, textile, sawmill and pharmaceutical industries, where cleanliness and productivity are critical.

The strength and durability of lube free chains also makes them an ideal replacement for standard roller chain drives or conveyor chains by avoiding the necessity for frequent and time-consuming lubrication and its resultant costly downtime.

FB Chain's range of industrial roller chains is manufactured from highly engineered components to International standard ISO R606 and American Standard ANSI b 29.1.

Plastic combination roller chain

Also known as PC chain, this is a totally lubrication free product with corrosion protection properties to reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity and prolong chain life.

Sintered bush roller chain

Also known as lube free chain, this is a self-lube chain (SLR) that combines the key features of standard roller chain but with no further lubrication required once installed. The chain's oil-impregnated sintered bushing works in combination with a specially treated bearing pin.

Sealed for life roller chain

A maintenance free roller chain with sealed in lubrication. It is also referred to as O or X-ring chain as lubricant is contained by tiny O-rings positioned between each pin link and roller link plate. Lube free chains can be applied to a variety of conditions from low to high speed operation, or from low load to high load operation. Even in dusty environments these chains have been known to last between 5~20 times longer than comparable initially lubricated roller chain.

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