Good Causes

When we are not assisting you with your chain requirements, we aim to put a little back into the community.

Outside of our FB Chain work, we strive to help wherever and whenever we can. As a business we support a number of good causes to try and make a difference.

If you have a club or community group that needs a helping hand we would be happy to hear from you. Please email


Good Cause

Friends Of Norton Common

The Friends Of Norton Common are all volunteers and are tireless in their efforts to keep the common neat and tidy. Sadly their fleet of mowers, scarifiers and loppers had seen better days so FB Chain stepped in with new ones so now the common is looking better than ever.

Good Cause

St Neots Junior Rugby Team

St Neots rugby this weekend showing the under 9 team. The World Health Organization says children’s health is being damaged by lack of exercise with four in five 11-17-year-olds around the world not taking enough physical exercise. Helping to create chances for young people to play sports is a great way for us to support the community.

FB Chain books for children

Good Cause

Books For Children

A charity close to us is one that provides hot meals to schoolchildren. However, Christmas children deserve a little more, so we at FB Chain are feeding young minds by giving them books – 84 in total – across ages 1 – 13 years old.

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Letchworth Rink Hockey Club

We have a long-standing relationship with Letchworth Rink Hockey Club supplying them with a number of sets of new kit. Rink Hockey is a mixed-gender sport at all levels in the UK. We believe that team sports teach young people how there are times in life that you have to play a role for the greater good of the team. Later in life this helps them realise that sometimes the most gratifying choice you can make is the one to help others.

FB Chain Letchworth Rink Hockey

Good Cause

Shefford Community Football Club

We love our football at FB and this includes local non-league football. The English football pyramid makes it possible if extremely unlikely, to make it to the very top of the pyramid and the premier league. We have sponsored and advertised a number of local clubs including Shefford Saint who currently have our production team leader as their centre forward.

Good Cause

The Need Project Christmas Appeal

People are struggling financially so The Need Project looked for our help with Christmas treats for children and families in need of some Christmas cheer. The FB team were happy to help.

Fb Chain community litter pickers

Good Cause

Community Litter Pickers

We have donated over 500 litter pickers to local groups and schools in the local community helping improve the environment on our doorstep, eliminating litter, ending waste and creating great places for everyone.

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The Just Out Bike Shelter

Ask many 10 – 16 year olds where they are going as they’re leaving the house and chances are they’ll say “Just out”.
Realising parents’ frustration at this simple answer, one enterprising Stotfold resisdent created a safe place for young people to go and called it Just Out.
Many of them take their bikes to Just Out when taking part in the activities there but were short of a suitable place to put them. We were pleased to step in to fund the rather stylish bike shelter now standing at the centre.