How to use the FB Chain Wear Gauge

1. Close gauge to confirm calibration

The FB Chain Wear Gauge has been precision manufactured and accurately toleranced. The manufacturing process includes calibration referencing back to National Calibration Standards with each unit undergoing thorough final inspection.

While the instrument cannot be adjusted for calibration, it can be checked by simply closing the slide fully and reading from the ‘Percentage Wear’ window to get an accuracy to tolerance.

In the unlikely event that the instrument moves out of calibration into the ± zones it will be as a result of wear to the moving components and should not, therefore, be used other than as a guide.

Similarly, if the ‘V’ jaws are damaged, the instrument may not perform accurately.

2. Identify the leaf chain pitch

The nominal pitch of the leaf chain must be measured over the pin centres of one of the OUTER link plates. To assist in this the instrument is provided with three separate pairs of red arrows.

Utilise one of the pairs located on the edges and the centre of the gauge. Depending upon ease of access to the leaf chain one pair will be more suitable than the others.

Locate the arrows over the pin centres of the chosen outer link plate and the nominal pitch of the leaf chain will appear in the ‘Pitch’ window on one side of the instrument or the other.

Select and use the correct side of the gauge relevant to the measured nominal pitch as follows:

3/8″1  3/4″
1″1  1/4″
1  1/2″2  1/2″

Once the pitch has been determined the number of pins (n) that the chain wear is to be measured over will appear in the adjacent ‘Measure over Pins’ window.

3. Measure the leaf chain

Identify the section of leaf chain that regularly runs over the pulley as this part of the leaf chain is the most susceptible to wear. Measurements must then be made in at least three separate locations on this section.

With the leaf chain under load and using the correct scale, place one ‘V’ jaw of the instrument over the first pin (pin number 1) of the selected section and then extend the slide until the other ‘V’ jaw locates over the pin (as previously determined).

The percentage of wear will appear in the box at 0.25% (¼%) increments

Whilst viewing the ‘Percentage Wear’ window, ignore any readings in the ‘Pitch’ and ‘Measure over Pins’ windows.

If the instrument shows a 2% or greater elongation, the red indicator will completely fill the window. This is a warning that the chain requires replacing.

A judgement must be made, by the competent person, as to the likelihood of the elongation reaching 3% before the next thorough examination. The competent person must also  specify a safe time limit to ensure renewal of the chain prior to the elongation reaching 3%.

The Chain Wear Gauge will show wear up to 4%. Any leaf chain used for lifting with a measured elongation of 3% or more is dangerous and must be renewed immediately.

Until the leaf chain is renewed the equipment to which it is fitted must not be used.

Care of your FB Chain Wear Gauge

  • The instrument should be kept free of oil and grease
  • It should be wiped clean after use and stored in the case provided
  • Do not leave the gauge where it may be exposed to high temperatures

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