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Are you paying unnecessarily for a changeover option on your TMC upender chain?

At FBkc we’ve done away with the frequently unused changeover option on TMC upender chains for the paper making and tissue converting industries to offer a high-quality aftermarket alternative at a fraction of the cost.

From small independent converters of paper to major international producers, my team has helped so many TMC customers over the years to optimise their equipment, including upenders.

On this piece of equipment, chains are used as a set of two matched lengths with integral colour coded location pins. To guarantee performance, the base chain and location pins must form a homogeneous union, with complete compatibility from the metallurgy, heat treatment, and dimensional sizing. 

In our experience, many customers were not making use of the changeover feature on their upender chain, so had been paying unnecessarily more for a product that was overspecified for their needs.

As an aftermarket challenger, we have a particular skill in reengineering seemingly expensive serviceable OEM parts to offer the exact same quality or, as in most cases, improve on the original specification.

Hence, we developed an alternative FBkc chain for the aftermarket that includes location pins only in the spacings required. We still use the same colourings as the OEM interchange sheet for quick and easy replacement but avoid waste and save our clients money.

It’s a simple change that achieves a hugely lower total cost of ownership for upenders in the long-run. That’s why we’ve been manufacturing and supplying this design to clients in the paper making and tissue converting industries for more than a decade. The value we add keeps them coming back!

Please get in touch to discuss how we can optimise the chain to save on the operating costs of your upender unit.

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