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Fabio Perini vs FB Chain overhead flight chain: Which is a better choice?

Fabio Perini may be the global leader in equipment for the paper making and tissue converting industries, but we’re giving them a run for their money in the aftermarket – with replacement overhead flight chains that better distribute the load and offer a longer service life. 

Fabio Perini is a name familiar to every manufacturer of facial tissues and toilet roll around the globe. Over the last 13 years, FB Chain has worked with so many owners of Fabio Perini equipment – from small independent converters of paper to the world’s largest producers – which has enabled us to develop a specialism in this industry.  

While we don’t claim to be experts in every aspect of paper making and tissue converting, one thing we do know a lot about is conveying. And we always look for ways to achieve big cost savings for our clients, whether through a few design tweaks to lengthen service life or by reengineering systems to make them more efficient. 

With this in mind, we’ve become a dab hand at replacing and optimising the overhead flight chains on Fabio Perini equipment – particularly on the Multiwrap 42 and A5t roll wrappers and pack bundlers under the Casmatic brand. 

On these machines, the chains are used as a set of four with integral chain pusher lugs connecting to plastic finger pushers. The standard set provided by the OEM (part number W022015100000) uses an extended pitch chain 208B, incorporating the round parts from the standard ½” pitch British Standard chain but with link plates extended to 1”. 

At FB Chain we are happy to supply you with chain to this exact specification if that is what you would like, but you could also consider our own BKC chain, which we’ve designed to achieve better results. 

Primed for performance 

By using ½” pitch British Standard precision solid roller chain, we double the number of articulating and rolling elements. This means the base chain is less susceptible to twisting and bending and the loading of the chains is better distributed across the pins, bushes and rollers.  

We also rivet the colour-coded lugs into the chain using specially manufactured bearing pins that match the base chain perfectly. We produce these lugs from a nickel chromium molybdenum steel which is hardened and tempered for a tough hard-wearing pusher lug. 

The result is longer life – simple as that. 

It’s not rocket science and certainly isn’t a new innovation. It’s a proven design that we’ve been manufacturing and supplying to our customers in the paper making and tissue converting industries for over a decade. 

So why stick to the standard OEM part when there’s a proven alternative available that has a longer service life and can save you time and money? For us, the choice is a no brainer. 

Get in touch to discuss how our overhead flight chains can reduce your operating costs. 

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