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Why is it best for a chain manufacturer to install their own chain?

Installing conveyor chains 2

So why is it best for a chain manufacturer to install their own chain? To answer this question, you really need to decide if your mechanical contractor knows how best when installing conveyor chains, sprockets and wear strip.  It may be the ideal scenario for some but if it goes wrong the contractor will blame the chain supplier or the chain supplier will blame the contractor. In situations like this the customer is often caught in the middle and on the receiving end of conflicting advice.

However, if there’s one point of call, with one person controlling everything, problems get solved more quickly.

That’s why we at FB Chain oversee all our own installations, taking control of every aspect of the project. Communication between chain manufacturer, installer and client is taken care of by a single point of contact. Our role is to give our customers peace of mind. It’s our priority to make sure the installation is carried out professionally, efficiently and successfully.

It can often be a fraught situation during an outage or shut down for a site/maintenance manager. When maintenance occurs across the whole plant there’s only so much time that can be given to each contractor. It therefore makes for better time management from the customer’s point of view if there is one point of contact.

If you’ve already purchased the products that need changing from the manufacturers why not give them the responsibility to install them correctly and take away that layer of uncertainty and reduce the amount of people you have to deal with. FB Chain can do this for you.

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