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Premium quality conveyor chain manufactured in Europe

We design and manufacture conveyor chain, sprockets and associated parts according to customers’ exact requirements using our sister company FB Ketju’s state-of- the-art factory in Finland. This approach ensures the highest quality at the lowest cost for the customer.

At FBkc we have decades of bespoke design, installation and reengineering experience for conveyors on all scales. As a small company with vast knowledge, we were able to respond quickly to customers’ individual needs, finding a niche ability to tackle tricky jobs that other potential suppliers couldn’t or didn’t want to complete.

Over the years we have devised so many unique solutions to achieve huge cost savings for customers, using more modern materials to lengthen service life or reengineering entire conveyor systems to make them more efficient. But it wasn’t until we gained a manufacturing arm, by joining the FB Group in 2019, that our company and capabilities reached the next level.

Leveraging our sister company FB Ketju’s manufacturing expertise, we are now able to control the entire supply chain – from R&D, through production, to delivery and installation – guaranteeing quality and lead times that customers can trust.

FB Ketju’s R&D department is constantly investigating new materials, heat treatment, design, construction, and manufacturing methods to make our conveyor chain and associated parts more durable and more economical.

Bespoke designs in limited volumes

And even though we have this factory at our disposal, we’re still as focused as ever on bespoke designs. In fact, the Finnish facility is specifically set up to produce customised conveyor chain and associated parts in limited volumes, which our large-scale Asian competitors definitely are not.

We only use European materials, we are rigorous in our quality control and invest in the latest manufacturing technologies. In September 2019 FB Ketju opened a new production facility in Lappi, southwest Finland, as a complement to the existing Köyliö premises. The new factory features a well-optimised material flow and is furnished with all the latest equipment, including top of the line welding machinery.

As well as ensuring the ultimate in quality, this key investment has helped us within the FB Group to improve the efficiency and flexibility of our operations. The facility is highly automated with robots and CNC-centres that can work through the night if necessary to meet short lead times.

This means the customer gets exactly what they need when they need it with no compromises or waste. We can choose the materials, design and manufacturing method most suitable for the job – no matter the complexity or volume – and the customer is reassured by a product that is made in Europe to the highest quality and delivered exactly when we promise.

When it comes to quality, customisation and reliability, there really is no other conveyor chain specialist quite like us. 

Please get in touch to discuss your bespoke conveyor chain manufacturing requirements.

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